Klipsch Synergy SLX On-Wall Speaker - 2 Pack

I thought the description was pretty hilarious. Nice looking speakers, wish I had an extra $300 to blow on them.

What is the domination of the bills? If you’re talking about Ben Franklin’s, then you are probably correct.

Can these spaekers be upgrade for new one later? Thanks for advise.

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must be a 12-pack of chardonnay

i have a set of klipsch synengy B-3 book shelf and a set of F-2 floor and 1 C-2 center. hooked up to my sony reciver and i can not turn it up over 1/2 way with out making my whole house shake . no bull my windows vibrate like crazy in a 16x24 x8 room that all the walls are insulated. both the inside and outside walls i insulated to try and keep the sound from penatrating .
klipsch speakers rock !
one more note .you will need to use a heavy grade speaker wire on klipsch speaker .

Nope. MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard, and it is different from particle board. (denser) MDF is a very common material for speakers.

For more on it: Medium-density fibreboard - Wikipedia

Founded in 1946 by engineer Paul Klipsch of Hope, Arkansas. Sold to cousin Fred Klipsch in 1989 - still owned by Fred. Manufacturing remains in Hope, business offices in Indianapolis (turn left at China).

mdf is medium density fiberboard. Same family, similar manufacturing process, but particle board is weaker, and not as dense as mdf.

mdf is a quality building product for speakerboxes.

You clearly have no construction experience. As long as you use a proper mechanical fastener to secure an object (like a drywall anchor with a toggle), bare 5/8" drywall can easily hold a 40lb weight on a vertical surface. (Don’t try it on a ceiling).

Factoid: Klipsch is based in Hope, Arkansas-the same town B. Clinton is from.

The load you cite is static, not dynamic. Most wall construction is 1/2" drywall, not 5/8".

dont think i could see myself paying 300 bucks for some 4.5" speakers that cut off that high on the bottom end.

i paid 300 bucks for 2 jbl stand ups. dual 10’s with a 4.5" and a tweet. yall are paying for the yuppy brand name… not the speakers

What are with some of these comments/questions?

They are for 2 speakers. Not 1, not 4. Two. Just two. How many? 2.

As for the person asking if they could upgrade them in the future. Yes, feel free to buy better speakers to replace these. These speakers do not require you keep them forever.

Not a good price on these guys…


249 plus free shipping. I’ll take my business to vanns.com on this one.

That’s $249 for one speaker.

Got the speakers, now how about selling the matching subwoofer…alone it costs more than than Woot’s price for the pair of speakers.

Shoot… this would do well with a 140" Screen. But I’m concerned about buying a receiver and a matching subwoofer…

How a speaker sound is very subjective. You pretty much have to listen to it to know whether you like it or not. If you don’t mind spending the money to try these out, Klipsch is definitely in the solid mid/upper end of the stereo world. My only concern is the subwoofers being ouly 4 1/2 inches. Unless it has some kind of Nth order box construction, the lower end of the frequency response is going to suffer. If you put it in a corner, it will improve the bass somewhat. Normally 8 inch subs are a must for a serious system IMO. As for Joe 12 pack who is impressed with McIntosh tube amp, I am not impressed because I don’t like the McIntosh coloration even if the amp costs thousands of dollars so I will stick with my Quad ESL63s.

Did the guy at vanns say that they ordered too many and wanted to give you a great deal?

absolutely not whatsoever. yes to the second part. subwoofer boxes are made from MDF. if anything, medium density fiberboard is overkill for higher frequency speakers :slight_smile:

just for refrence tho, particle board is basically big chunks of wood glued together, where fiberboard is wood pulp mixed with glue. i dont think high density fiberboard is ever used for speakers as it would be really heavy and unnecessary.