Klymit Static V

Klymit Static V

I leave one of these at work for emergencies. They inflate well and are pretty comfortable but I get lightheaded every time, so don’t believe the hype about how quickly they fill.

Price wise, you can find these for this price range pretty much all year long from multiple vendors. Amazon put these on sale constantly.

Costco had a better sale than Amazon since they had the Static V2 with an X pillow. The V2 is lighter since they used a different material for the top of the the mat. Additionally the insulated ones are great for people who are actually going to camp with these and don’t wanna carry things to insulate their beds.

V2 + X pillow was $39.99, Insulated V with X pillow was $49.99 and a 2 pack of the Luxe Pillows were $39.99.

So Costco charged $2 more, gave you a pillow, and the newer version.



$36.74 on Amazon now.