KMC 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

8 D batteries…really? No sale!

Or included power adapter. :slight_smile:

Crutchfield has 4.5 Stars

ummm 8 d batteries…

yea that power adapter works awesome “in the great outdoors”

(in product description)

and that power supply dies pretty quickly, followed by the speaker a month later. But it does sound good until then…

I love how they try to flip not being a rechargeable unit. Instead of having to charge it, simply buy a truck load of D batteries! It’s just that simple! Ummmm…no. Check out the Nsync portable speaker from Amazon. It ROCKS! Had it a year and a half. Take it on the boat and everywhere else. 8 hours on a charge, water resistant, sounds amazing for $139.00!

I bought one of these here on Woot a while back. (Maybe two years ago?) I have it in my kitchen.

It sounds really good. Bass is prominent, which I like, but it can sometimes be a little too “boomy” depending on the source material, and where you place it in a room. A set of bass/treble controls would be helpful, but overall no complaints about the sound. (We listen to mostly rock/pop and podcasts.)

The controls on top are a little weird. There’s no tactile feedback. I have found using the remote is helpful, even if I’m not across the room.

The battery thing doesn’t matter to me, because I never intended to use it anywhere but in the house. In fact, I forgot that batteries were even an option.

There have indeed been some reliability issues with this model. Mine still works (mostly) fine, although there were a few times it seemed dead. But unplugging it and re-plugging it in revived it for some reason. A few weeks ago, it wouldn’t respond at all, even after the unplugging ritual. I thought it had died, like others before it. But then, it powered up again and has been working fine. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Or carry 10 packs of AA’s…that’s convenient.

Batteries are always the issue when going portable.

Why do so many need to carry all that noise into “the great outdoors?”

Isn’t there enough for you back home? I thought the plan was to get away?

Any way to tell if, ok, let’s say I buy 4 of these - can I space them around inside a big honkin dairy barn, or is it ‘one speaker to one Bluetooth device only’?

I bought a similar model of woot 2 years ago and absolutely love it. Have had no issues.

I got the TDK A33 from Woot a while back and it doesn’t take D batteries, plays off a full charge for 4-6 hours, cost less than this, and sounds as good as my dad’s Bose Soundlink and now I’m realizing this comment doesn’t contribute at all to the item for sale…

This is probably a dumb question but I have to ask it…

Can this speaker be hooked up to a HDMI television set?


I have one of these. Had it for about three years. Amazing sound quality. Better than the Bose portable speaker I have as well. For everyone commenting on the 8 D cell battery thing… you know if you have a rechargeable battery it’s just a matter of time and they quit holding a charge. Not an issue here. You can always buy rechargeable D cells.

Can’t recommend anything Klipsch at all! Bought an earlier model of this (KMC1) 2+ years ago for the same price and the volume level became so poor it was not audible. Klipsch support was useless and advised me to ship to a 3rd party for service since it was out of warranty. The cost of the repair was more than what I paid originally for the speaker. It went in the trash! Don’t waste your $. There are portable speakers that work great on Amazon for about $30-35 and are rechargeable.

Yes you can connect it to an HDMI TV there are several adapters you can buy. The most simple one is a y-shaped adapter one side will have the white and red cable the other side will have a 3.5 millimeter Jack that you can plug directly into the TV and press the auxiliary button it will work perfect. As far as this speaker it is awesome I bought my ex one when they first came out the speaker worked awesome and in two years we never had any major problems with it. The power supply did give out I called the Klipsch and in a matter of 3 days they had one delivered to my house their customer service was also. As far as the speaker I own many speakers everything from a bow sorry kmc1 even one of those huge ion speakers on wheels. By far the Klipsch speakers are my favorite my entire home theater system is Klipsch the company is top-notch and has been for many years. The price of this speaker is half of what it was when it first came out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you are using the speaker for a primary system in your home and never have to unplug it this is the way to go the speaker will more than satisfy your listening need. If you choose to take the stereo out to the mountains and the battery is a big issue for you you can buy it in a pack of rechargeable batteries with charger for around fifty bucks and that will solve all your problems the batteries will charge over a thousand times and you will never need anything else. For some people if that is too much of a problem you can also buy a power bank and use that to power your speaker when you’re Outdoors obviously the bigger power bank you buy the longer it will last. Klipsch kind of set the trend for a bigger speaker with Bluetooth capabilities now all these companies are making bigger and bigger speakers but in my opinion cannot match the sound quality of Klipsch and for $159 grab one quick before they sell out this is the second one I am purchasing and I’m sure I will not be disappointed

the simplest way to connected to your TV is with a Y adapter one side will have your white and red RCA cables on the other side will have a 3.5 millimeter cable, a headphone jack to make it simple you would plug the white and red into your TV and Headphone Jack into the speaker hit the auxilary and Bam you have instant beautiful Klipsch

Looking for a speaker for my Amazon Echo Dot. Would this be a fit? Thanks for any information.