KN95 Face Mask (Pack of 10)

KN95 Face Mask (Pack of 10)

These masks aren’t listed as having passed any tests by the CDC or FDA so why are they even being sold here?


Bought these last time around. (Glad I didn’t buy the bigger box.) Very flimsy attachment of straps; apparently just some weak glue that fails if you just tug them moderately. Super glue and duct tape seems to fix it, but yuck.


I believe the link in the sale gives sufficient information:

I went to the link, again, and it still has no mention of the brand of masks you are selling. Where exactly can I find the test results of the masks you are selling? Just because some masks have EUA doesn’t mean these do. Does that make sense? Go to the following link and tell me where you see Yongjie masks having been approved as providing what they’re claiming. International Assessment Results | NPPTL | NIOSH | CDC


Hi there. Please notice on the box that these are non-medical masks which is why they’re sold in our Tools section.

The brand it Jiaxing Yinuo Busway Co., Ltd.

We’re helping Amazon sell extra PPE. They have pretty intense vetting and approval processes for all their PPE.


I love you Thunder Thighs, but don’t go down with the ship on this. Nematheydary is right on the money. First you state that it’s not being sold as PPE then in the very next post you explain how intensely Amazon is vetting and approving PPE, such as this product. That statement right there should send off alarm bells for anyone who pays attention. Amazon is NOTORIOUS for NOT vetting their products and is NOTORIOUS for having unsafe PPE on their site. I know Amazon signs your paycheck, but I wouldn’t stick my neck out on front street for them like you are doing here. In fact, if you look at the more recent reviews, there is an alarming number of very poor reviews and the only positive reviews look very suspect. These masks should not be sold as KN95 masks which is the government recommendation for covid-19. If Amazon/Woot is going to allow the designation of KN95 on them, then there is a universal expectation that they will provide a level of protection from Covid-19. The fact that customers have already questioned Woot and Woot has put the mask up for sale again is disconcerting at the very least. Woot knows which makes Woot a knowing participant in the fraud being perpetrated here.


There are dozens of Chinese-made KN95 masks on the market. Many of them have been tested by the CDC, with the results reported on the “International Assessment Results” page linked above by nematheydary. Some masks that claim to meet the KN95 standard are as little as 11% effective – almost worthless – and many others are counterfeit. On the other hand, many of them do meet the standards, with some up to 99% filtration. This Jiaxing Yinuo Buway mask isn’t listed as tested.

IMO, given the number of masks on the market, it’s irresponsible for retailers to sell KN95 masks that aren’t tested and shown to meet these standards.


It’s duplicitous to be selling masks that have no substantiated testing to back their claims that they’re KN95 certified, even for use as dust masks. The fact of the matter is that the counterfeit KN95 masks have been shown to have very poor filtering capabilities and that includes dust. But your defense is that you’re offloading these junk masks for Amazon and that makes it somehow okay? At the expense of the potential health of your customers? Wow!


Test Report:

Declaration of Conformity:

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Words mean things. KN95 is an objective standard for protection, not a generic design.

Either these specific masks meet that standard, or they don’t. It’s like whether a product is UL Listed or not.

Also, what is the manufacturing date and expiration date?

This test report has them rated FFP2, not KN95.

BTW, will Woot be selling those counterfeit eclipse glasses, too?

Greetings, TT!

Thanks for providing these links! Made for excellent reading. I have now made my purchasing decision… double masking can be so difficult!

I can not speak to the “notorious” aspect of this thread, but I find a fact based approach, on available information, is usually preferable to assuming the best (or worst) of a particular product or service.

Kinda like leading a horse to water…

Stay well, be safe!


More news!

We now have the test report from China that certifies them as KN95. Basically the US standard is called N95, Chinese is KN95, and European is PPF2. So even though the standards are slightly different, these meet both PPF2 and KN95. Here’s a link you can use for the forum: