KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Just to be picky, these are NOT scanners. They are copy cameras with fixed focus lenses and built-in lights.

The do not compete with a true high end flatbed scanner with and illuminated lid.

Still, for many people’s needs, especially on-screen only, they are sufficient.

But do flatbed scanners excel at scanning slides/negatives? Or are there specialty flatbed scanners for this?

Just wondering, as I’ve been thinking about trying to scan in a lot of old negatives I have laying around, and I’d want the best quality scans possible.

Edit… just did some googling and see that there are some flatbed scanners that seem to be aimed at slide/negative scanning. Though much more expensive than this little thing… they seem to have MUCH better quality scans.

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This is in fact a film scanner that scans at 14MP (or 22MP interpolated)… it just also has a built in viewer and an SD card slot so you don’t have to have it connected to a computer to see/save what you’re scanning. Or you can plug it in to your TV and view your old slides on that if you don’t have an old slide projector any more.

A lot of film scanners, especially the flatbed types, require a computer to do your preview scans and as a location to save the scanned files.

The main complaint with this one seems to be that it is limited to saving in JPG format only… no other options (TIFF, etc).