KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Picky me. This is not a scanner. It is a copier. It is basically a (5 MP? 14-22 is probably interpolated) camera inside a box with lighting for prints and slides. This does not mean it is a bad thing. But if you want hi-res scans for making quality prints, a flat bed is the way to go.


I agree with radi0j0hn. What a fair amount of slide scanners do is simply shine a light through the slide and take a digital photograph of what they see. It is faster than a flat bed and the quality is poorer. It is a trade off. When I did research on slide scanning to convert my father’s old slides I ended up going with the EPSON V600 Photo and slide scanner. In the end I decided if I was going to take the time to go through the slides I wanted them saved with quality.


Thanks for the info. We’ve been looking for a scanner for some time but couldn’t decide.

Description says that it is a 14MP sensor and interpolates to 22MP. That uses about a quarter of the pixels of the Epson V600 that frinky mentions.