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Krave Jerky - 5 pack [Pure Jerky] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Beef Chili Lime Flavor 3.5oz, 1 * Pork Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Flavor 3.5oz, 1 * Beef Currey 3.5 oz, 1 * Beef Sweet Chipotle Flavor 3.5 oz, 1 * Turkey Lemon Garlic 3.5 oz

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I do want one, but this is expensive.


Isn’t the food sold here supposed to be gourmet quality?! Bunch of junk ingredients/preservatives in these!

Terrible flavor. Hopefully wine.woot won’t have a shipping problem with the wootoff batch of these. Waiting a month for this crap was probably the worst torture imaginable.

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After WD threw a box of this on the RPM Wine Tour bus, it wasn’t as bad as the reviewers made it out to be. In for 2.

Mmm love this stuff. Haven’t had any for a few weeks now.

its ok, but nothing great.

Some flavors are good, other you’ll have to force your way through

We got some of this from WD on tour. Yummy lime one, and Lemon Garlic. Smoky Teriyaki also cool.
Hotter ones not so much, but late at night with no alternatives, I’ve had worse jerky.

Thing about them is all the additives, like nitrites and CORN SYRUP!!!. FFS. I like natural jerky. Or at least, minimally-invasive food. Corn Syrup? now that’s just silly.

yeah, no bacon here Nightghost, sadly! they’re too busy fixing things. Thanks tho’. BTW you see my definition? :wink:

not exactly a glowing review, “not as bad as the reviewers…”

How’s it compare to Jack Links?

I thought this was sticky and just nasty. I don’t think I should have to wash the goo off my hands after I eat a piece of ‘jerky’

Bet it was doctored, since it seems like Woot has an endless supply of this stuff to move. :tongue:

I absolutely loved this stuff. I’d eat the curry jerky all day. In for two.

The second batch was much more consistent than the first in terms of moistness (no gooey ones!). I thought they were very tasty (as did my son). I don’t know if they are “gourmet,” but they’re more flavorful than commercial brands such as Jack Links or World Kitchens.

In for round 3.

shhhhh…don’t tell. We need people to buy it so they’ll put something better up.

Exactly how many of these jerkies woot bought em… i bet this very moment some one in woot office is chewing these babies…

Too much Sugar and Salt for my taste. I bet it tastes dreamy though.

I live in San Luis Obispo where we have Cattaneo Brothers, now that jerky is amazing.Its similar in price but your getting great meat. Cattaneo Bros jerky is made from fresh select top rounds and cut into long strips, 1/4 inch thick-- not ground, pressed or formed