Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720 PRO, Blue

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720 PRO, Blue

I love my Kreg jig. I don’t even mind that purist woodworkers turn their noses up at the entire concept of pocket-hole joinery.

I’d consider this, but the list price on Kreg’s site is only $149.99.

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I don’t trust Woot anymore. Inflated markdowns. Just like everywhere else. $149 at more than a couple retailers. Just be honest.

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tldr: list price <> sale price. Never use a discount calculated from MSRP when determining whether a deal is good. Unfortunately you still have to do your own research to find the going retail sale price.

This particular listing is 16% off retail price vs the advertised 40% off MSRP which doesn’t sound as great but it’s still a good deal.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: MSRP means the recommended selling price of a product in a retail setting.

This is what you’re seeing. This is completely different than the typical sale price which is what you guys are comparing it to. MSRP was meant to help consumers know that they weren’t being charged excessively by unscrupulous sellers.

The confusion arises when retailers use the MSRP compared to their sale price to show an inflated discount percentage. This is obviously done to make it seem like you’re getting a bigger discount than you really are and it’s been proven to actually work to sell more products which is precisely why they do it.

This practice however has caused the same reaction seen here and even some lawsuits. Amazon didn’t invent it and they’re not the only one doing it either. Visit a car dealership or JCP and you’ll see the same thing. Because of the pushback, Amazon started to remove the MSRP from its site several years ago but as you can see it still exists on some of their products.

What’s infuriating is that the advertised MSRP may not be from the manufacturer at all! The seller themselves may be pulling it out of their asses specifically to make it appear the item is worth more than it really is. To me this is outright fraud.

Here’s a guy actually teaching sellers to invent a MSRP of “25-35% above the sale price” to “make the item look like it’s on sale, it’s not, your just artificially making it look like it’s on sale.”


The product itself had many problems and felt rushed to market. I purchased it because I am a long time Krieg user and was impressed with what they were trying to do with this new version. Unfortunately I don’t think they tested it in the real world. The wings have cheap plastic hinges and do not stay on…especially for something that is advertised as a portable tool. It doesn’t clamp1.5” material at 90 degrees and has a gap. The older version uses a metal sleeve for the drill bit and this one is plastic. Because of it not clamping straight, the drill bit drilled out the plastic, which over time will cause issues. Cheap plastic, unintuitive features and quality control caused me to return this after a few days. I would pass and wait for vs 2.0


Although your academic treatise is interesting, all I was trying to point out is that the going price for these is not even close to what Woot! claims the price is. In fact, I can find exactly one (1) place (Lowe’s) charging the inflated price Woot! is using to make it look like this is a great deal. Even Rockler sells it for $129.99.

Feel free to nitpick that all you want.

As for the metal sleeve – my older Kreg jigs have metal sleeves and it looks from the images like this one does as well. Are you saying yours lacks the, or is the silvery-linking sleeve that is visible in the pictures not metal, but a silvery plastic? Having said that, this unit does look less robust than the older K4 and K5 jigs.

That fake price is the Manufactuer’s suggested retail price.

Woot is a retailer. They don’t set that number.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

Do you ever feel like you say the same thing over and over?

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I also feel like I’m the only person who ever watched the Price is Right or shopped at a jewelry store lol.

Please look at my original posting. It includes a link to the MANUFACTURER’s site where there is absolutely no mention of the inflated price Woot! is citing.

Again: why is pointing out the REAL-WORLD price for these things such an issue for some people? I don’t give a flying faht what the MSRP is, what the definition of MSRP is, what the RCMP is, what the OSHP is, what the CRAP is, or what the [insert favorite alphabet soup here] is – I am taking about actual, real-world prices here. The prices real human beings will pay, in the real world. I don’t care what the definitions of all the acronyms are or how you want to spin it.

Just in case you are still confused and since MSRP is such a touchstone for you – here is Popular Woodworking’s reviews of Kreg Jigs with MSRPs. They list the MSRP for this unit as… $149.99


The manufacture doesn’t have to sell the item for what they suggest is worth.

[sigh] I give up. You just don’t want to get it.

Feel free to spin this however you want. I’m out.

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Bye, have a nice Sunday!

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Waaaait a minute here. Is this a woot employee, not a volunteer moderator of the forums, trying to tell me how to deal with my Sunday?! First off, how dare you!


If I were you, I’d demand a refund.


Yeah. Totally the worse woot-off ever.


There should be a MSRP resistant contestant week on Price is Right


Hi there. Best to ignore the list price. I’ve begged for us not to use it but alas, my voice is teeny tiny in the grand scheme of retail.

We get our List (MSRP) from our vendors in most cases. In some cases, we get them from the Internet and if we can’t find it, we’ll use an Amazon retail price.

Regardless, it’s generally a “wish upon a star” price. Best to compare to the retail price on the interwebs.


Sales is a dirty game.

I agree, Thunder T, you have to do the research. Appreciate the candor.