Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit

Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit

Can be independently controlled with SmartThings or Echo Plus Zigbee hubs, but needs a Cloud Cam to use with Amazon Key service. Woot, any more Cloud Cam Key Editions available for purchase?

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Not at this time. Sorry.

When this says " Amazon Cloud Cam Required" does that mean it requires Amazon Cloud Cam for all functionality, or will it still work as a bluetooth phone lock without Amazon Cloud Cam?

Hi there. The cam is required. It acts as the hub.

Does this work with a zwave hub, or is it only Alexa?

Doubt it as they have a Z-wave edition:

So since I have a SmartThings hub, I can use this for just locking/unlocking for myself? I don’t have any plans at this time to use Amazon Key service.

Yes. Please verify that with SmartThings this device can be locked and unlocked as stated by ekrysiak.
I too am interested and would have no use for giving Amazon the ability to open my door.

I bought one of these a little over a week ago. I can confirm that the only way to unlock it remotely without an Amazon Key camera is via a smart hub like SmartThings. It connects via Zigbee, not Zwave as in in product images, so don’t trust the Woot images.

You cannot open it with Bluetooth or any Kwikset app, only something like SmartThings or Hubitat where you can control it via Zigbee. Or the Amazon Key app with a camera to link it to for wifi access.

I have it on my deck door. I would not want the hassle of this on an entry where I want to use any kind of automation very often. Unless you feel comfortable maybe unlocking it with geofencing or something.

EDIT: For SmartThings to get it to work, you have to manual change it on the developer pages in a browser to a “Zigbee Lock (No codes)”. It will connect to your hub as a “Thing” and won’t work until you change the device handler.

Yes, assuming you can connect it via Zigbee. Also, you will have to be comfortable going into the SmartThings developer portal to change the device handler to a Zigbee Lock (No codes). I think it comes in as a “Thing” when you add it to the app, and it defaults to a 2015 Samsung TV device handler.

Link to the dev pages to fix that:

Thanks andysexton

Okay, I bought several of these, but I CANNOT get them to connect to the Kevo app! The app says to touch your phone to the back of the unit after pressing the button on the unit. Nothing happens.
Digging into the specs a bit further, it looks like only certain phones will work with the app - and my LG Stylo 4 isn’t on the list.
Not sure if I need to buy a new phone, or just junk the four locks. Sigh.

You can’t use the Kevo app. This only works via Amazon Key or via some smart home hub like a SmartThings hub that supports Zigbee. See my posts above.

I read that this can be used with existing Ring doorbell cam, and so I dont need an actual Amazon branded cloud cam…true?

I want to use this as smart deadbolt so I can unlock with phone and rid of keys when I go for walks. I dont care for Amazon key/deliveries into my home, etc. So, can I use with existing Ring doorbell and get all the smart lock/unlock features as a result?

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Okay, is there any way to hack these things so they don’t require a Cloud Cam Key Edition? I have four of them now, one works with the Cloud Cam I have - but apparently Amazon has dumped the Cloud Cam and it is no longer available!

Hello there. If you don’t figure it out and want to return them, contact Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Here's our return policy:

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