Laser Level – 2 Pack

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Laser Level - 2 Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 90° Horizontal and Vertical Laser Level

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New Laser Level - 2 Pack, for $5.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x 90Adeg Horizontal and Vertical Laser Level

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These look pretty cool. Are they accurate and reliable enough though?

haha, love the description.

Way more cooler than just eyeballing it.

Here’s a game to see how good you are at measuring by just eyeballing it.

Christmas gifts!!

Stocking Stuffers!!

In for two sets of two! :slight_smile:

Don’t look brother. You might be getting one for Christmas!

I get having a laser level but what are those hinge/bracket looking things for?

Is there actually a brand name associated with this?

I just bought 6…why the heck not. This makes shopping for my in-laws much easier.

why not, put me down for a pair. Just bought a house, should come in handy

Heck, buy a couple just to terrorize your pets!

I actually have one of these…it is fine, I mean, what do you expect out of a laser level? The swivel arm is so that you can point the level at the wall at different heights (I actually used this thing to help predict where a very small catapult would shoot).

Do you have THIS laser level? I’m apprehensive, because there is no brand name.

i was wondering the same thing. anyone know?

Marty Feldman would love two of these!

mousetraps fling meese feces 6 feet…give or take a dropping

When people stop buying this carp and give the only message a consumer can give… “I won’t buy unless you listen to me.” Yet, a hard message to receive when there is still money in their ears…

On the other hand… could make an interesting Halloween prop… cheap but effective. Now I’m stuck in a conundrum… Hmmm, maybe they’ll have to hear the message tomorrow… heh.

Yes, quite literally this one. I mean, it points a bright light at the wall, doesn’t really have to be name brand to do that well. Basically, it points a laser at the wall, it is reasonably visible in moderate indoor lighting for a width of about 8 feet when it is probably about that far from the wall itself.

In for one set of 2, why not at this price