LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

Does anyone know of something like this that would be connected to wifi? An alarm going off when we’re not home doesn’t really serve my peace-of-mind needs as much as something that could alert me remotely.

It’s baaaaccccckkkkkkkk!!!


I bought 3 sets of these, AND got some in a past BOC, they make great gifts that could potentially save you/them a TON of money!

Well these’ll go real fast…

I think they had to by an entire new warehouse to house the supply they have of these darn things!

again?? how many of these things do they have in the warehouse!!!

what the what? theres another wootoff?

I love my LeakFrogs. One of them saved me from a big mess when I had a leak develop under the kitchen sink.

I give them for gifts and I have them set outside the shower so I’ll know if my little girls are playing with the water.

Am I the only one who thought it was an actual alarm clock that shot water at you? And was disappointed?

Link to previous Woot!

I can sell you the 2 that I have for $9.00 + shipping… ew, from a prior woot-off.

PM me or flame me here, publicly.

Every long-time w00ter knows these are an obligatory purchase. They’re like a trophy.

Also, they actually work and have saved a lot of w00ters from losing thousands of dollars over basement/bathroom/kitchen leaks. Mine started screaming in the middle of the night when my water heater started leaking. I was able to shut off the water immediately and prevent my utility room from flooding.

hopefully this will be a on till about 6pm!

These are great to put inside sink cabinets to detect leaks early. I love having the security of knowing an alarm will go off before major damage happens.

In for 6…
These little guys saved me from what would have been a several thousand dollar water damage. Really!

Anyone know how long the batteries last?

No, after the fan, rumbling, and shooting alarm clock I want to say thinking this shot water at you to wake you up is a reasonable assumption. I’m also disappointed - but hey, nothing is preventing us from making such a brilliant device!

Wish the early AM woots had super values / things I was interested in. It would be nice, if not fair, to have an early-morning bonus incentive for wooting.