LED Color Changing Light Bulbs (4-Pack)

Lumens? Incandescent equivalent?

Under the feature tab it states 3 watts. I would guess 220 - 300 lumens

I had to look it up myself.

A 3-watt LED bulb may produce anywhere between 240 to 320lumens of illumination. Lumens is a measure of light. ‘Lumens per watt’ is the measure to identify how much light is produced for the energy or wattage drawn. Accordingly, the minimum efficiency of a 3 Watt LED bulb will be 80 lumens/watt.

So about a 25-35 watt incandescent bulb.

If true, 220-300 lumens is like a 40 watt bulb. Accent lighting at best

One thing to keep in mind is that these bulbs apparently don’t have a “memory”. They always start from their pre-programmed start point. So you set it to blue, turn the light off, turn it back on, back to the start point, you have to reset it to blue.

I was looking at them for a fan light but the inability to retain a programmed color or brightness is what kept me from buying.

Son has one. it is dim- so accent lighting- 25-40 watt incandescent equivalent depending on the color. if you turn the light off and on by the remote, it will remember the color. If you turn the light off by the power, say a light switch, it goes on as white.

Bought these myself. I was disappointed by how dim they were and that “white” is not white but comes off a light purple-ish color. The color cycling mode is nice, though, for certain party themes.

I bought these a while back. Very dim. Buy for use as accent lighting only.

Bought these for my daughter when they were on here before. I agree that these are extremely dim, even the white and turned up to max brightness. We finally had to take them out and put her old ones back in. You couldn’t see anything with them in.

I also bought these a while back. Very dim, mostly a parlor trick. Only buy for accenting or effects. No good for actual lighting.

These lights are way under powered. I bought these last time and was disappointed. I thought they were a waste of money.

Lots of comments of the lights being dim. How would they do as lamp-lighting/accent-lighting in a media room, intended to stay dark?

not very exciting unless standard IoT device (WLAN) and can bind to a Amazon Echo or Google Home …
Woot used to sell cool stuff at great prices… now it just a spot for amazon to fire sale stuff that vendors having a tough time moving out of warehouse…

Anyone have a recomendation for a better bulb? I really like this concept…

I don’t have personal experience with these, but if you search for “LED Color Changing RGB Light Bulbs E26 10W” on Amazon, you will find a 10 watt version. The description claims “RGB+White, the newest improved design from ChangM, the white output would be similar to a 60W incandescent. Not only for room color ambiance adjustment , but also for illuminating.”

Overall ok as a novelty. I was hoping for a proper white when white was selected and it is not really close to white, more like a very light blue. Work as expected with the remote but start with changing colors when first turned on with the wall switch. If you use only the remote you can turn on/off with your selected color so that’s good.