Ledge Sports 30° Sleeping Bag - 3 Colors

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about Ledge

At this price, I feel ok about buying one for my dog.

Does a 30° sleeping bag mean it’s rated for use in temperatures as cold as 30°F?

Yes, though it does not necessarily mean you’ll be comfortable at 30f. Usually the rating just means you’ll survive at that temperature.
I’d say it’s probably a 3 season bag, not including winter.

Keep in mind there is no universal rating test for manufacturers to use when assigning a temperature rating so they’re not always accurate. Although I have never used this bag, Ledge Sports is not a known brand and I would personally be hesitant to use it down to 30 degrees. I’m thinking it’s a late spring to early fall type of bag. Or just a summer bag if you live in the cooler states.

Two things:
First, I’m skeptical about the price versus temperature rating. I wonder how much they rely on the inner shell of the bag to produce this rating.
Second, you may be comfortable in a 30 degree bag at temperatures nearing 30 if you’re a warm sleeper. I sleep warm and find that I usually need a higher temperature-rated bag than most people desire.

I agree with the other comments about temperature rating. I mean, you can even tell that it looks a bit on thin side. But at $15, what do you expect…besides advertising that is not shady.

Note: I’ve owned a ledge sleeping bag for years, although it is the mummy “featherlite” version (for backpacking).

With this bag, as with bags from almost all major brands, you are only going to want to use it in weather ~15 degrees warmer than its rating if you want to be comfortable. I used my bag (which is a 20 degree) this winter in the low 20’s and I was quite cold even with extra clothing on.

An experienced camper would know that there is no WAY you could make a synthetic bag that’s only 2.4 lbs and have it be warm down to 30 degrees. That’s just not enough insulation (unless it was down). Especially since this isn’t even a mummy shaped bag.

Bottom Line: This is a summer or 3 season car camping bag (depending on where you live).

I do think Ledge makes GREAT products for the price (I also have one of their tents).

Any idea if two of these could zip together to make a double bag?

Is this machine washable? If so, is it small enough that you don’t have to wash it in a Laundromat-size machine?

Same here, ledge is a well known company and have used their featherlite 0 and 20 Deg bag as well as their taranchula. as far as rating goes, I believe this also includes having a ground pad under you for r rating. I always take my 20 in 30-40 and my 0 in 20 or less. being a backpacker for years i rely on the quality a little bit more then the rating. Ledge makes some real tough stuff. I just bought 2 more myself. They just last.

I bought 3 of these the first time they were on sale. Love 'em:) We lost power during the Atlanta Snowcastrophe and these were (literally) life savers for my cats (and made my miserable self more tolerable lol). I just ordered 4 more!!

What is the lining like in these? Is it “sticky” like flannel, or is it slick? I end up in a twisted mess when I sleep in a bag with flannel lining.

I have the same question so any insight would be great. Given it says “full length zipper” I imagine you can do this. That said, I’m a sleeping bag n00b (this will be my first purchase) but I’m looking for a bag for 2 people for hiking the Inca Trail in late March.


Yes, they are machine washable.

They can zip together if you get a Left & a Right. However, we can’t guarantee what you’ll get. These are a bulk buy and are pulled at random by color.