Lenovo IdeaPad 13.3” Notebook


FUCKING servers:

This sale is sold out.

No crap for me.

Damn. Well, it was the first time I’ve ever even SEEN a crap o bag on here. So I guess tasting victory for one fleeting second is better than nothing.

i just went through the checkout and paid for my bag of crap, but it never gave me a confirmation it just went back to woot after it was doing the order confirmation, does that mean i got one?

BARNACLES! I saw the page, man. I saw the freaking BOC order page. It’s the furthest I’ve ever been on this quest, but no happiness today.

Poor lenovo ideapad notebook, do you have any idea what following the BOC in a wootoff will do to your confidence?? SHATTER IT THATS WHAT!

oh wow, I forgot my tracker was open, and only just heard the sold out warning sound for the crap.

i hate you all. got caught up after clicking the golden button. agghhhh!

so sad I missed it :frowning:

wtfffff get to the order page, fill in my info and says sale is sold out. I hate you people. All of you.

What happened to the bag of crap? Wasn’t there one second, then a quick refresh and it’s there but sold out? How?

I so need another laptop, and want to give Woot my business but when I’m looking at a 15" Dell with Win7 for under $400 - this doesn’t look as good a deal.

do people use bots?

Okay that’s Totally unfair. I got to the checkout page on the BoC. I submitted my info then it comes back and says it’s sold out?! That’s just WRONG. It should reserve. I thought I had my first ever BoC

sobbing uncontrollable here, woot… bad bad BAD woot!

Been wooting for nearly 3 years and still no luck scoring a BOC!

Beware - no optical drive.


This sale is sold out.
How are you paying?

With lack 'o crap obviously…