Let's play a game "what if..."

What if I lose my job tomorrow?

What if… No one plays this game?

What if Dave plays this game?

What if no one tells us what the rules are?

What if you broke all the rules with that question?

What if I get banned from the game?

What if I don’t like spam?

What if no one bought any more spam?

What if the core of the Earth is actually made of Spam?

What if I can’t find any eggs to go with the spam?

What if we go buy some eggs?

What if one of us is allergic to eggs?

What if allergies are just a figment of your imagination and your brain really just enjoys being sick?

What if you get sick from eating too much Halloween candy?

What if the doctor take a day off today?

what if You feel very uncomfortable

What if your shorts are too tight?

What if I go buy larger shorts?

What if you’re larger than the shorts you buy?

What if it’s too cold to wear shorts?