Let's Play Some Records

These things are little more than children`s toys…plastic everything including the platter which has no rubber mat,and heavy tracking plastic tonearms fitted with ceramic cartridges.I own a large record collection and there is not one record in my collection I would trust these “turntables” with even once…especially those with the “horn” on them…

Can’t say anything about the quality, but the Pyle PTTC4U is on amazon for the same price with prime shipping: http://www.amazon.com/PYLE-HOME-PTTC4U-Multifunction-Turntable-Recording/dp/B0062IMDE0


These things pop up on Woot often enough that I have to believe nobody is buying them. I would guess the intersection of the markets for vinyl and cheap, faux-vintage record players is very small.

If you’re interested in getting into vinyl and these players are all you can afford, I’d suggest finding something else to get interested in. You know… like playing golf with replica 18th century clubs and balls.

Does anybody know what the cable is that charges the “Pyle PVTT2UWD Retro Belt-Drive Turntable with USB-to-PC Connection & Rechargeable Battery”? I bought one of these a long time ago and I am in need of a new cable. Thank you

I bought “Pyle PTCD4BT Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Classic Retro Style Record Player Turntable with CD Player” it sounds great with the exception of records. Records sound red bad, they sound tinny and mono sounding, unusable.

So what brand do you recommend as my father who is in his 80’s broke his last record player and was going to buy one of these. I talked him out of it for now, but he wants a record player with the ability to copy the record into a digital format, since he now has his first MP3 player,would be great. Suggestions please…