LEVOIT Humidifier for Large Rooms

LEVOIT Humidifier for Large Rooms

I recommend compare to
Levoit - VeSync Classic 300S 1.58 gallon Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier - White
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1.58 gal.
Top fill
Voice Control

I’m sure the WOOT offering is a good product but as a community member wanting to be helpful to others, I thought some may appreciate being made aware of a potential alternative w/ similar size, top fill and Voice Control.

Isn’t that the same one Woot has for 54.99??

My sincerest apologies to WOOT and fellow members, and a sincere thank you to Deadlight113 for catching my error! I knew it looked the same but could not be sure without the model no. I also missed the single reference to “Alexa” in the description which, for smart home users like me, was a big deal. Just goes to prove why I look at WOOT’s deals everyday!