LG 60" 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV



Shipping kills this deal.


If shipping is anything like the previous LG TVs, then I say be prepared for some delays and read up on the warranty and return policy.

Sorry to poop on your TV deal Woot, but you dun goof’d on the last one.

That being said, I would have preferred this one over the 55" LED I just got.


Reviews on Amazon are good overall. Costs $300-500 more new. LG’s New Zealand site has additional information about this model.


What’s the problem with shipping? It costs $5.00 as always.

What are the concerns on the warranty and return policy? I read the page and don’t see anything out of the ordinary.


Currently Uploading the User Manual to Google Docs.

It’s a big one at 17MB big so be patient with the load.

Hope it helps


If there are any problems with the TV delivery, you can contact service@woot.com for assistance. They’ll be glad to help.

This TV has an 90-day LG warranty. Again, if you have any problems getting warranty service in that time, contact service@woot.com and they will help.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from the buyer that these TVs are being shipped strapped to a pallet which will help protect them from shipping damage.


I trust in Woot to make things right ultimately should things go sideways…however I still want to provide the context behind my earlier comment. Not trolling here, just feeling a little burned over my recent experience.

[context] Link to the previous LG TV sale:



Why would anyone buy a 60" Plasma TV in 2012, even a 600Hz one. Did you notice this thing weighs 94 lbs? I’ve yet to see a difference between a 60Hz and a 120Hz TV, I doubt a 600Hz will be clearly better either. And only 3 HDMI ports? This looks like a leftover from a few years ago.


Here is a video from Home Shopping Network. It’s a very eager sales pitch. Also, HSN shipped for free. :tongue:



because it’s got better picture quality than an LCD screen? I’m not in the habit of moving my TV, so weight isn’t really a concern.


Watching HSN is worse than a root canal while acid is poured into your eyes.


Rats a Plasma & only 2 HDMI inputs.


Plasmas have always been 600hz… and it doesn’t use screen interpolation like 120hz lcds.


What in the world would one do with more than 3 HDMI ports on a television? Although clearly I’m not the target audience, because I also can’t figure out the appeal of a 60" television: watching people on television is the only time that I can pretend I’m not a 7/8th-sized person and I really don’t want the people on television to look twice my size: it destroys my cred with the puppies, you know?


I dunnno, I need 3… Game Console, Blue-Ray/Streaming video, Cable DVR…


Indeed. If you’re buying a 55+" television, you should have a suitable receiver/sound system to boot, thus making the number of hdmi ports on your TV a moot point.


I bought this TV new from Dell in January for $100 less than this refurb price. At the time there were only Kiwi/Aussie reviews, along with a few from India. I took a gamble and have not been disappointed. I’ve been quite happy with it. It does have three HDMI ports (2 rear, 1 side), not two. I’ve got it paired with an LG Blu-Ray/Home Theater for the “smart” TV functionality. No complaints here. I’d buy it again.


If you bought a TV last time you know what he’s talking about. Very disappointed with the shipping. TV’s not packed properly, TV delivered upside down, damage to the flat screen. Need I go on…


Plasmas typically have better black levels than LCDs - but LCDs tend to work better in rooms with sunlight (plasmas rule in the dark). Depending on the design either can have better off-center viewing angles, so check specs if that’s important.

JMO of course, but if you have a TV this big and don’t have a “cinema receiver” you’re doing it wrong. The number of HDMI inputs is typical.