LG Alexa C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV (Refurbished)

LG Alexa C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV (Refurbished)

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So what are you actually selling here? The In The Box section says OLED77C1AUB or OLED83C1AUA. Does that mean you get either a 77" or 83" TV with no choice between?

Is this factory certified refurbished?

Sorry for the confusion. The 77" this time.

Hi there. It is not. Click here for our guide to the various conditions and their definitions.

With the 55”C2 going for $600 at Costco this is so not a deal it’s not even funny

@Lord_John_Whorfin You know this is a 77" screen, right?


Terrible deal. Woot had the C2 refurbished with a 2y warranty for 1999 a few weeks ago, I would wait for something similar.

For LG OLED 77s, a new C3 is on sale for 2699, C2 can be found for 2300 or less, and the lowest was 2000. A few hundred off for a refurb that is 2 years old and no warranty is no deal and Black Friday is coming.