LG G7 Fit 32GB Smartphone - Unlocked

LG G7 Fit 32GB Smartphone - Unlocked

32GB with only 17GB usuable is just a sick joke! Why even add in the 15GB that’s not usuable?!? This is essentially a 16GB phone at the end of the day!

every phone is going to have a lot used up by the os and files

Does this phone support VoLTE? Every carrier seems to be requiring this lately.

What’s the most recent Android version available for this?

I would never buy a cell phone with less than 64GB of storage memory! Too many uses (camera, emails, apps) require a lot of storage today.

Hello. yes, it support VoLTE. Not sure on the android version.

It doesn’t look like it has LineageOS support nor does it appear to be an Android One device. What are the updates like?

The specs say the phone had a micro SD slot. You can add as much storage as you want, up to 2 TB.

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Yep! Some people don’t have the ability to read all of the information supplied and go off half cocked✌️

I’ve had one version of LG although I really liked the phone until the day it just burnt something up. I had to send it out to be serviced since it kept restarting and wouldn’t make it past Droid screen. My wifes did it before mine and I was lucky until like 4 months later. Once I got mine back. I sold them both and switched back to Samsung.
Final thoughts all phones get hot but for some reason LG is prone to chipset failure.

The G7 ThinQ is 20 bucks less on Amazon and is better in most ways.