Listen to your Conscience

because yesterday they sold the first and second place winners

Nothing more delicious, either.

Shall I share recipes here, woot mods? It’s clear you don’t like rabbit stew. But how about roasted rabbit?

AGREED. i actually chuckled aloud upon reading the shirt description!

Maybe the good bunny and the evil bunny should share beers at the White House.

not to defend this shirt too much, but i think the angel bunny is supposed to be surrounded by stars…

I was the “first sucker” sweet.

Also, why do so many people hate ramy’s stuff?

What’s with the shadow on the right one? I can’t explain it to my 4 yr old- the bunny’s floating in space, right? otherwise, the stars make no sense, but then, there’s this whole inexplicable shadow thing- what’s up with that?

Stale idea + bunnies = fine art

You suggest the shirt’s creator could have a “teachable moment”.

idea + stale bunnies = mighty fine peeps

If the 4th place shirt doesn’t print tomorrow, there is no justice.

Aww, representing from Baltimore, my home town :slight_smile:

If only the people who were involved in those freak shootings the other day would have listened to the nice white bunny snuffling in their ear, eighteen people wouldn’t have extra holes in their bodies.

They look more like diamonds to me. And don’t even get me started on how the angel bunny’s wearing a gold halo and has gold wings…

I didn’t know he was from Baltimore! Hey-o neighbor!

I liked the bunnies. :frowning:

I already have TWO bunny shirts though and this one would be a lot cooler, (ie - different), if they were actually ON the shoulders. Don’t think that’s actually possible though…

edit just saw someone else mention Bmore! Freak shootings!!! This is why I don’t watch the news…

i think that’s just cheeto dust.

Must be the “dark matter” out in space.

Well, maybe on the wings, but not the halo.

Plus he’d have had crumbs on his chubby little hand stubs.

Yep. Totally Different From Anything Else.

I like this design in the ‘cliche-so-worn-its-new-again’ fashion, but worry the placement on the woman’s shirt would be a bit too ‘bad-bunny’ for me.

obviously, evil is winning. mwah ha ha ha ha…