Listen to your Conscience

Evil O Meter-- take two.

And apparently controversy paid off.
(Or bunny lovers paid Ramy).

I can’t buy it, I’m taken to random pages, even the home page again.

love it. Bought it!

Evil-o-meter take a million.

The only thing worse than a recycled idea that has been stale for years is one site selling two designs with the same stale and recycled idea

But I just received a confirmation email.

Go figure.

Why is the third place showing up today? I’m confused.

I love it. I just wish the placement wasn’t so weird. Lower/closer together would have been nicer.

Last wooter to woot: eVil


artist description is funny! Alas if only they would enforce that sort of thing… :frowning:

Pure hatred for the shirt though… DIAF

First and second place were a pair. They were sold last night.

They are meant to be close to the shoulders… as if its your conscience on your shoulders.

Oh, if only Woot’s ban on Ramy’s bunnies in his bio were true…and if it could be extended to a full year.

Apparently all those bunny ghosts haunt ramyb’s house, because he and seki slap them onto shirts more than any 2 people in the history of shirt making.

I’m sure many raving comments will follow, but the fact remains this is not Ramy’s best work or even his mediocre work. This is among the designs that should have found their way into the wastebasket. I sincerely hope that Ramy can find his imagination and get it working again, preferably with no more bunnies. :frowning:

Pikachu!!! I choose you!!!

… now to decide if i want good Pikachu or bad Pikachu…

All I have to say is… ugh.

Well, I know one thing for sure: I’ve sent a lot of bunnies to the hypothetical afterlife this month! Well, not a lot. About a breeder’s dozen. Cute little devils ate the bejeezus out of my lawn!

First and Second were by the same artist and both appeared yesterday. I’m guessing the 4th will be tomorrow? Or they’ll just have another random (two in one week–no way.)

While I’d argue Ramy has never had an imagination, one thing is sure: their ramy bunnyban is true

Why? Because they would never allow it on a bag, since they’ve added a “we can reject anything we don’t like” clause, and because it is currently a do-over derby. So they can ban him from anything they want… he doesn’t have any horses in the running for two weeks.

After all, the bags won’t even make him commission. Why would he bother?

I need a lemon shirt with just the devil bunny. That would be perfect.

Though I find it interesting that the angel bunny is surrounded by diamonds. You’d think it’d be something more signifying of innocence and goodness, whereas diamonds signify wealth and luxury, vanity and possibly greed. Maybe snow would have been better. There’s nothing more innocent than a little angel bunny frolicking in the newly-fallen snow only to be burnt to a crisp by the evil devil bunny who hates winter.