Cooler Than You

psst - i think that middle one may actually be a bunny in disguise…

Don’t I have this shirt?

this looks really familiar…

I swear to almighty Zeus, the only thing that keeps me from facepalming myself into next week is the write-up.

there are 5 penguins :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this artist ripped off that guy who did Impostor.

You mean we haven’t seen penguins playing a game of “one of these things is not like the other” on a shirt before? No way.

Wow. Apparently even the Woot Write-up Guy thinks ramyb has jumped the shark.

Great, now I have this song in my head. THANKS, Woot.

easy instant purchase. Goes well with my other one and my Carnivorous rabbit shirt.

Relative to anyone who actually uses the iPod earbuds, a Walkman-user is definitely cool. Those buds are so bad.

If a Walkman is cooler than an iPod, then how cool does that make a phonograph?

Insert variation of the joke every person is going to tell

“CONDITION: Eerily similar”
But not enough to get rejected???

ewwww Yankees and Red Wings… yeah, birds of a feather…

On a more serious note, woot approves (I assume) the write ups. If woot is of the opinion that this shirt is too similar or derivative of Impostor…why the f didn’t they just reject it to begin with?

For those of you who might of missed it, the artist bio with the line up is typically preceeded by the more explicit form of “darned.”

Which may also imply that the arist sold his soul to get this print.

Did that middle penguin just say radical? I thought we agreed that nobody was to say that word ever again.

Serious question: Biologically, are penguins even able to do that mohawk thing? I didn’t picture their feathers being that long or sculptable.