Derby entry comments for Derby #80: Double-Take Derby 4

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YAY It’s back - I love this one and hope it prints this time!!!

Who says lightning never strikes twice! GMV this time around too…

It could happen, right? :slight_smile:

Good luck, I fully expect this to win, and also easily outsell the Van Gogh piece that knocked it out of 3rd :slight_smile:

It’s back, oh joy! I wanted this shirt so badly in the original derby. Climb the charts!

out of all your great designs, this one is the most charming. I love the look of consideration on the Bear!

good luck with this Do-Over, you have lots of chances to print. I’m voting for all of them :slight_smile:

Great colors on this on, Boots. Just a fun design!

This HMV in the Thrift derby and does again now. Hopefully it won’t get the shaft because it’s Christmas-themed. Good luck Ski!

gawsh! I would LOVE to wear this!!!


What if there were cakes and they ate people. :x

Great job on this one, Zenne. Truly deserves to be printed.

This one can’t miss printing this time, I refuse to allow it! >:| (Strange sentence structure)

I still can’t believe how great this looks with the limited color palette.

Go Geekfactor!!! You can win this time… And regardless of what they said, both Van Gogh and this were the best of that week.

Remember this one? Good times…

Ha! How’d I miss this one first time through?!

porcine astronaut
SPACE BACON boldly travels
exploring my gut

Loved it last time, love it more now. Great, great style.

I must wear this!

I’d wear this happily!!! I hope this does better than last time, Edgar!