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LiteOn DVD Recorder
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 LiteOn DVD Recorder - LVW-1107HC1


i’ve already got this in my macbook


i bought one of these for 149.99 a year ago. nice woot


how will the HD DVD play out on this item?


The Daily Froogler


A Great deal for those who do not already have a dvr/tivo device. TY woot, Great gift idea.


2002 called, they’d like their DVD technology back.


Does this have any hard drive built in? What’s up with the “Just Fit” recording?


Not a bad deal, but I already have a DVD Recorder from Black Friday!


I have one of these… Works pretty well, but takes a few minutes to ‘prepare’ the disc… Not quite sure what it’s doing then… But otherwise totally worth the 70 bux. I paid 150 for it a year ago, and I still feel it was worth it.


Bought one from WOOT last year and I’m very happy. May just add another with this price.


I cant wait to see self recorded episodes of Antiques Roadshow on DDDDDVVVVDDD finding themselves at the local thrift store… lucky days are on the horizon


I bought a liteOn DVD recorder at Sam’s Club a while back. It was a total POS (piece of &$^#), and I returned it the next week. I don’t know if this is the same model, but the one I bought was not worth fooling with.


As Regular DVD players are going out, not too interested. However, if this had DivX you may be able to sway me. LiteOn is an okay brand, but not great.


I’m assuming this can’t have any kind of internal or external disc to store stuff up before writing to DVD - you just have to burn direct. If someone knows otherwise please post.


Does it do dual layer?


WHO WRITES THESE STORIES?!? My god… this is getting ridiculous, lol.


No, this thing doesn’t have a hard drive. If it did, it would cost at least twice as much!