Little Giant 17’ Ladder With Air Deck

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Little Giant 17’ Ladder With Air Deck
Price: $149.99
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So…looking at the spec page, none of the measurements of this ladder are actually 17’. Unfolded flat as an extension ladder, its max height is 15’. As an A-frame, it’s max height is just over 7’.'+Type+1+Ladder+with+AirDeck

Same price on Amazon but prime gets it to us in 2 days instead of 34

Ours includes the Air Deck, a $36 dollar item on Amazon.

And the current estimate is for it to arrie Dec 6-12. Much less than 34 days. :tongue:

In the US (and Canada), extension ladders are measured by the sum of their sections - not by the maximum extended length. Dunno why, but it is standard practice.

Yeah sure…next you are going to try and tell us a two by four isn’t 2’‘X4’’ :slight_smile:

But no one measures an A-frame stepladder that way. A 6’ ladder is actually 6’ tall. (You aren’t supposed to stand above 4’6" or so.) I would describe this ladder as a 4’-7’ ladder.

While one CAN use a Little Giant as an extension/straight ladder, it would be one of my last choices.

Woot! this one will join the bigger 19’ little giant ladder I got from here for $169.99 Dec 13 2010 and which I love! it has 5 steps per side where this one has 4 but there are often times I need a little less height so this one will be perfect and also still reach ceilings OK. p.s. have used the bigger one fully extended as an extension ladder and ohboy yes a bit wiggly…had it tied off good.

But a regular 6’ ladder actually has a platform on top that can be stepped upon. The top rung of this extended ladder is not the highest point. The highest point would be one of the side legs which you really can’t step on. The full 17’ can be utilized, however, if using it as an extension ladder and you need to rest it upon a roof and say 15’ would not be enough to safely reach at a proper angle and extend above the roof a bit, but 17’ would be. Not sure if I’m being clear enough, but basically, in that case, calling this a 17’ ladder is what it should be called.