Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System

Is anyone else uncomfortable about using a “refurbished” ladder?

Amazon. I like this ladder.

These are awesome ladders, but they weigh a freakin’ ton! Not sure about buying a refurb ladder though…

Product Website

Just the thing for hanging lights or setting up the tree! Well, maybe for us late decorators… (or next year).

Can this be used without a partner to support it? Because in the pictures the people are using it solo… I thought that was a no-no in the ladder world.

I have the 15’ one, and it’s really easy to work with. Mine reaches to about 12’ so I’m not sure where they get the extra 3’, but the 19’ one will probably span 16’ reliably.

The “refurbished” probably means that they had to rework the mechanisms to expand/adjust the ladder – they wouldn’t be able to resell it if it didn’t hold it’s rated 250lbs.

Well worth the $170 in my opinion.

The LAST ladder you will ever buy.
(of you take care of it and keep it out of the elements)

Little Giant ladders are literally the bomb. Not sure about a refurbed one though. Reviews are great, though.


If I got this for my dad does it come with a manuel? He won’t know how to make it into different configurations.

Chute. Thats a nice ladder!

Was this product designed by Ilene?..

Cool, a refurbished ladder. Pass the savings onto me! Oh wait.

That was my first thought. I mean, what did they do to "refurbish it? Wipe the blood off and replace the broken rung?

♪♫ When you’re standing on a ladder and you feel a little splatter, diarrhea, diarrhea! ♪♫

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

I think I found the ladder on YouTube

What exactly is bad about buying a refurb ladder?

Its easy to find a defective part and replace it.
Its not like they are selling refurbished tissue.

What could have POSSIBLY happened to these ladders that could have caused them to be refurbished? Haha, just think about that for a little bit. From people walking under them for bad luck to the hijinx from would-be xmas decorators.

And you, the fine Woot customer, will be inheriting one of these deathtraps. Ghosts and all. Perhaps this is where the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come came from. Enjoy! :smiley:

HAHA, thats funny