Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

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Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
Price: $169.99 - 199.99
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Condition: New


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Can the ladders both be “giant” if they aren’t the same size? Is one more giant than the other?

Nearly perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at The O

Time to check out the product page and learn more about the history and warranty



If I didn’t buy that ladder just weeks ago, I would’ve bought this in a heartbeat.

I have owned one for at least 8 years. Excellent multi task ladder. Very sturdy and well made. Maybe hard to cough up funds for a ladder but you will be so glad you did for many years after.
You will probably develop a series of ‘new friends’ now that you have a ladder.
Go for one…will last you a lifetime.
No regrets here.

I fully agree with this post. I used to have the 17’ little giant ladder and I loved it. I’m overweight and have weighed anywhere between 250-290lbs and this is the ONLY ladder that I’ve ever been on that I felt safe on. Granted, I still have issues with heights and can’t go higher than 10’ or so but on other ladders, I start freaking out at 3-6’. This is the sturdiest and most versatile ladder I’ve ever had the privilege to own. I just wish I still had it. I loaned it to a guy for a weekend and never saw it again. :frowning: I highly recommend this ladder!

I own the 17 foot model and its my favorite ladder to use by far. I paid considerably more buying mine direct from Little Giant a few years back.

The Costco version (Little Giant MegaMax 17’ Ladder w/Air Deck) is better. 300lb, 17’ and has the “air deck” with handle. $219.99 on the site but $199.99 in store.

Love my M-22 that I got from woot. Extremely versatile and sturdy.

+1 for loving these ladders. I have the 17’ edition (not sure of model) and use it all the time. Recommend the larger one – worth it for the wheel kit alone. Remember, these are heavier than your standard aluminum ladder (but still very manageable IMO)

Excellent versatile ladder. Had one for five years now. Makes great house warming gift for family members or others.

I bought the Werner 22 foot one at HD last weekend - $129. If I remember from previous times WOOT had these ladders, the Werner is heavier - so far, no complaints (does not have the platform or wheels)

Got this from a previous Woot. One very nice feature is that it fits in my suv, so I can easily transport it to other locations without having to put it on the roof. Very versatile. I sold an extension ladder and an 8’ stepladder to offset the cost.

4 months ago my wife bought me the 17’ ladder with paint tray and work platform ($259. at another site). It has performed very well for us and feels very solid under my 195 lb weight. Our log cabin has 16’ ceilings I used the ladder when installing ceiling fans. Outside I’ve used it to work on the roof for cabin and the barn.
Rock solid and definitely a step up (several steps actually) from my 19 yr old Versa Ladder .
The rungs are also more comfortable and stable than my old Versa Ladder. Something I really appreciate it when I have to stand on it for long periods.

I have had my little Giant Ladder for well over 8 years, I felt bad spending the level of money I did for it (way more back then from Little Giant Direct) but man its been a real joy using it. The fact it stores into such a small package is nice as its easy to store in my one car garage but the solidness of the ladder is where it shines. I never feel safe on a regular ladder but with this one I do, it just doesn’t sway and flex like those regular metal ladders.

If you need a ladder this is a no brainer it’s a decent price for a great product. I use mine maybe 6-8 times a year so I don’t know if I can attest to its longevity if used daily but its just as solid today (well used it yesterday) as it was when I bought it back in 2006.

I bought a larger one of these when we bought our two story house 7 years ago.

It is sturdy and has lasted well. I love it… except for its weight. It is very heavy. Realistically, you need two people to set it up or take it down, especially if you want to use it as an extension ladder. Once it is up, it is great. And, it has lasted well even though I store it outside. But, that weight and general difficulty when it comes to setting it up and taking it down means it is hard to recommend.

Hmm, It doesn’t look like this comes with the trestle brackets, which can be purchased separately for about $30.

Perfect timing. My last M22 ladder I bought off woot got stolen out of my work truck a few months ago. I recently started my own business and have been checking woot for the last week hoping they would post this ladder again. Lucky me!