Little Giant Revolution 22' Multi-Position Ladder

Little Giant Revolution 22' Multi-Position Ladder

Anyone know difference between the two 22 foot little giant ladders offfered on woot?

Select the revolution with the ratchet levers and the epic with ratchet levers and safety rails. The comparison makes them look just about identical.

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The Epic has the rails, which look they replace the $40 accessory stand-off, or can be rotated as a handhold for an 11" higher rated reach for the stepladder position. The other listed difference is that the Revolution has “Rock Locks” which look like they make the height adjustment a bit easier. The Revolution seems to be missing the accessory ports at the top, which are used for things like this workstation.

I have the 26’ Leveler and though it is very heavy, the wheels help with moving it around folded. The ratchet feet (on both the 22’ ladders offered here) are a great invention.

TLDR It looks like the Epic is both better and cheaper, unless you really have difficulty with the standard twist-out height adjusters.


Same basic ladder on Amazon for $239!!

I got my 15’ Little Giant at Costco a few years ago and love it. It is so much easier to use than my old Werner ladder (whose hinges are very stiff). It also came with the tool deck, which is nice, but it doesn’t have the leg levelers.

The velocity - not being offered by Woot in this sale - doesn’t have the leg levelers and hinge mechanisms are plastic covers which will wear out faster with constant use. Both Amazon and Sams sell the velocity at the same price (right now)

The Revolution has metal hinge actuators and the leg levelers. It’s more of a pro level ladder as it uses an aircraft aluminum alloy that weighs less. Also includes features making it easier to use accessories like scaffolding planks.

The epic has the leg levelers, plastic hinge covers, and the weird wall standoff/pass through hand rails. I’ve no clue how durable that last item is since they say you can hang up to a 15 lb can of paint off of it when used as a wall stand off. The pass through at the top for roof work does appeal to me. The Epic also advertises a “comfort step” that is wider to make it more comfortable to stand on.

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