Lodge Enameled 6-Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Emerald

Got the purple one last week. Arrived in perfect condition. Used it once and nothing bad happened. I use regular cast-ron, so this is my first try with enameled cookware.

(Got my wife one of those fancy French ones but I refuse to use it for fear of messing it up!)

These pots are not American-made. Lodge says they tried to find a domestic maker, but could not. They had to go to China.

I worked for an organization that wanted to make a small replica of a statue and had I the same experience. Even though it involved a good quantity and repeat orders for years, no American company could do it and many would not even return my call. So they are made in China.

The non-enameled products are still made in the USA. Just a side note :slight_smile:

Yes, I have several! If one looks at reviews for imported cast-iron, there seems to be problems with cracking and rough surfaces. This is one case where the USA-made Lodge stuff is clearly the best choice.

Induction compatible?


Lodge says yes. I’d be careful with scratching the cook surface perhaps.

Once you take into consideration shipping, it’s only $1 more on Amazon. I will be waiting for a bit of a reasonable price drop.