Lodge Cast Iron For FREEDOM

Where’s the Woot Logo cast iron skillet?

Hmm, I never thought I’d get turned on by cast iron - but it’s very chic these days. Especially this last remaining American company that makes them.

I’m not sure what I’d use them for, since I’m not very kitchen-savvy, but I’m definitely iron-curious…

I recently bought my first piece of Lodge cast iron (double dutch oven) and LOVE it. Really want this, but saving my pennies for the ever elusive BOC…

Edit: Be aware the enameled cast iron from Lodge is made in China. “With the proliferation of television cooking shows and a rise in consumer demand, Lodge broadened its variety of cookware by importing vibrant Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron from China. After several years of searching for the right partner foundry”

They call it “America’s Cast Iron”.

And, show a product from “China.”

Amazon, (Woot!) how’s about we show an AMERICAN MADE product, in the first picture?

Or, am I talking out of turn?

(I’d also like to see the ! skillet return!)


the blue dutch oven is $25 cheaper on amazon.
the griddles cheaper also.

$49 on Amazon


I use mine everyday.

Bought the Lodge LDP3 16.75 x 9.5" Grill/Griddle Black, Best cast iron purchase ever. Take it camping too.

Cast iron is great whether you use it indoors or out…it will outlast all of us wooters.

A skillet you can use for burgers or steak.

Whoa! “Made in China”?!?!!

MAJOR BonerKiller.

If you’re just getting started with a cast-iron collection, you can ignore the enameled pieces. Go for the plain stuff, which is made here. Problem solved.

Edited so it would make sense!

The Lodge LDP3 16.75 x 9.5" Grill/Griddle Black is 2 cents cheaper on amazon and prime eligible.


Many of these are carried at wallmart even cheaper than here! I picked up the now sold out silicone handle thing for 5 bucks last month.

Well I guess i’m going to head to Walmart! My husband only uses cast iron and I’ve never seen the silicone handles till now and they were already gone.

Cast iron pans were the only thing that survived the fire at our house. Just need to re-season them!

Love my woot-logo Lodge skillet!