Logitech Cordless Attack Controller for Xbox

My hard drive gave me a scare today, at least one thing came back to life… unlike my poor car!

Froogle Link Minimum $19.90 X 2 = $39.80 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $27.45 X 2 = 54.90 Minimum

Shopzilla Link $26.67 X 2 = $53.34 Minimum

Amazon Customer Review Link 5/5 Average Rating

Cnet.com Spec Page

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BizRate from $27 each… 6 stores

Shopzilla from $27 each… 11 stores

MSN Shopping from $27 each… 15 stores

[CNet has it too… no reviews yet

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does iot work for the 360?

I would definitely consider buying if the logitech controllers didn’t feel so different from the microsoft ones… no woot tonight :O(

Prices for one only…
SecretPrices … $27.45

PriceGrabber … $26.67

These things are awesome. Logitech has always been the way to go with wireless controllers and what not. I’ll be picking up a set for sure.

Amazon $27.45 apiece

I doubt it, since Xbox (1) controllers use a different connection compared to the Xbox 360 controllers.

Also, it looks as though there is no “rumble” feature…“Though they do not have a rumble feature, this allows for a longer battery life, plus a lightweight and easy grip.”(Amazon Customer Review by E. Rezek “EKR”)

I’ve used the original Logitech cordless controller… worked great, I expect no less from Logitech…

what’s the difference between these and the last ones that were up?

Best wireless controllers for the Xbox. I paid almost double for each one of mine. Great price!

I bought one from gamestop awhile back, and they were the best controllers i have ever used, fast response time and everything, simply the best.


2.4 GHz? Won’t this interfere / be interfered with by my wireless network?


Seems alright, if you don’t mind that the controllers feel different than the MS ones. Have used their PS2 pads, and if these are as good they’re pretty good controllers.

Two years ago I paid $70 for one of these. I love it. It’s right next to me actually. They work great.

They’re not that pretty
But they are awfully green
still not three sixty

Ooh, it’s a haiku

It’s not easy being green…these controllers burn batteries sooo fast and if you are use to the regular x-box controller, you will hate these…common - give me a coffee maker and a toaster for my 2x Tuesday!

i heard these are pretty good, but the reason they are cheap and the batteries in them last so long is because they don’t have rumble built into them. maybe logitech wants to be lame like sony and the PS3 lol.

Not bad considering Logitech is selling these for 39.99 each.

Logitech direct link