Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

I have this keyboard, bought it from Untilgone for about the same price. Some things to note:

  1. Logitech stopped supporting the ARX app. It’s buggy and often freezes/gives wrong metrics with newer hardware. Don’t buy it based on that feature.

  2. Romer-G keys are kind of soft for mechanicals. They have a nice sound and feel to me (typing on it right now), but you will notice they’re not quite like Cherry MX Blues or Reds.

2a. The keys have a tendency to misfire (one tap = multiple entries). This has mostly worked its way out with my keyboard with time, but if it is persistent, a low-tech fix some suggest is to pull the cap and give the switch itself a quick spray of WD40.

2b. Forgot to add–Romer-G keys are proprietary. As far as I know, you have to order them from Logitech and there are vanishingly few 3rd party keys. If you’re a heavy key smasher, just be aware you might not be able to replace the keyscaps once they break.

Not sure how much has changed, but I’ve owned this keyboard for the better part of 4 years. And as an avid gamer & front end developer I can say it is the best keyboard I’ve owned. Add in the fact the macro keys are a life saver.

Arc as far as I am aware is no longer supported but does still function & still exist in the play store.
I use it as a tablet holder anyways so it still serves a purpose.

Thanks for info, FrogPirat. It looks like a cool keyboard, but the phone gimmick is one of the main things (for me at least) that sets it apart from the competition. If, on top of that, the keys aren’t even high-end - let alone proprietary so, if I’m understanding you properly, you can’t replace them with something else and even if they break have to go through Logitech - it’s not looking good. What it Logitech stops using this type of key in products (hell, they may have already for all I know) and eventually stops manufacturing them altogether? Barring some third party making a replacement, you’d be screwed if you ever needed one.

So yeah, even if the phone thing still works, as the other person said, if it’s been abandoned then it’s been abandoned. Working now doesn’t mean much if you have no idea if a phone update a year from now or two days from now will break it. If that were the only issue but the keys were amazing and it was a pleasure to use, maybe I’d still feel it was worthwhile… but with the main gimmick apparently no longer being supported, the keys now being great, and the stated issues of double-presses and whatever else, I just can’t justify buying it. I don’t need a keyboard right now, but the one I use for one of the three computers in my office could be replaced; it’s great, but one of those simple 60% keyboards. I feel like that’s still better than this.

It’s a shame because it seems interesting at a glance. That’s kind of a problem for me, though - the app no longer being supported is a BIG DEAL, and if it weren’t for you guys posting here nobody would notice. Who knows how many people have bought this “deal” not realizing this was the case? How many of them WOULDN’T have bought it otherwise? I don’t blame this on Woot, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect them to go that in-depth for every single product they vet before listing, but I do blame whoever submitted this item and the specifications for it to Woot for sale.

Specifically advertising the phone feature and what it does, which would normally be a MAJOR selling point and is realistically the one thing making this unique, while knowing that the app is no longer supported - meaning that, from Logitech’s perspective, it’s a discontinued feature/service - is, to me, intentionally misleading the consumer. If I was trying to sell you a car and made a huge deal about the amazing computer system in the car and how incredible it was and no other car had anything like it, for you to later find out that the service the system used is discontinued, is still functioning but who knows for how much longer, and you’re locked to that specific service and can’t try to find an alternative, you’d be fucking pissed and feel like I lied to you or, at the very least, intentionally misled you.

Now if there was some way to use a third party app or to have it support custom code we could write on our own, that would at least be a big plus for those of us able to do so. If Logitech isn’t maintaining the app anymore, why not push a firmware update allowing us to play with it ourselves and build our own stuff for it (assuming you can’t already). That would actually be MORE interesting to me than the default app, being able to build something that could still be modified by keypresses or screen content.

I’m going on another late-night rant, sorry. Again, I don’t blame Woot for this, I blame whoever submitted this product. I hope they didn’t do so knowingly, but this should definitely state that the phone app is discontinued.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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All well stated. Ultimately I’d consider this to be a good deal for about $40 with all of the noted caveats. Logitech has a tendency to drop its proprietary features like a hot potato, so I wouldn’t go into this with any expectations of too much support a few years out. Ultimately I like the keyboard for what it is, but if I knew better I’d have gone with something a little more industry standard.

My order just came in… the keyboard is the French version :frowning:

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Thanks, I had never even heard of an AZERTY keyboard! I sent customer service a message, I really hope they have some QWERTY ones!!

It arrived.

Brown box.
No lit
No instructions
No drivers

Is it used?
B stock?

A little concerned.

Hi There! These are new, open box as shown. I found the support page for you

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