Long Sleeve Gingham Plaid Dress Shirt

Anyone with a feel for the sizing of this line of shirts?

There’s a (minimal) size chart in the “specs” tab. Comparing the chest measurements to Banana Republic, these appear to run slightly larger.

This Amazon post for a short-sleeve version suggests the sizing is kind of hit or miss, though.

It says in the description that the shirts are slim fit so they may run a bit smaller.

Slim fit = If you have a Dad bod, this will look awkward on you. So skip this deal and walk away clean.

I’m interested if anyone has info on neck size. Big neck usually translates to I need to buy a bigger shirt.

I bought two of these a few weeks ago. They run small. I wear a 42 normally (e.g. jacket size). I bought mediums since the sizing chart lists them as a 43. I also have some slim fit mediums in other brands, so I thought it was a safe bet. These shirts are so snug they’re almost too small to wear and if I don’t have them on under a sweater they look awkward.