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Arr, if ye be missing this shirt tonight, ye landlubbers may plunder it tomorrow here!

Meh… pass. Looks like a gimmick tee.

aaarrrrhhh. pirates are cool

Nothing is better than a ninja!

Yaaaaaaay! Jimiyo! Love this shirt, and on heather, too! <3

Way to go Jimiyo!!! Nice to see it printed as a daily! Grats!

Legal restrictions?

Wow, Woot! You’ve really outdone yourselves in making sure to show us the kind of printing you’re now capable of with these last two shirt offerings!!

VERY intense and precise… can’t wait to see how this one turns out in real life!

holy crap. this is the first shirt i’ve bought more than one of. my brother will love it!

So I guess Wednesdays shirt is going to be about ninjas and Thursdays is about zombies. Sweet no need to check shirt.woot till monday

beautiful work jimiyo. you rock my world

This shirt is awesome… except for “love” written on his fingers, wtf is that… I bought it anyway :slight_smile:

Really beautiful linework jimiyo! Congrats! :smiley:

you could always just carry a bottle of rum with you while wearing it.

Bought two. Loved seeing this as a work in progress. Great work Jimiyo.

nice art lame shirt! needs its own acronym “N.A.L.S.” some things need to stay on a sketch pad.

Ahrrr, I’ll be takin’ one.

Absolutely great shirt. Love pirates. Love good artistry. Got mine.

Love of the sea perhaps?

L O L The color from woot summed up the tattoo on the fingers: The Governor’s Daughter Was Named Heather Gray/She Begged Me To Bring Her Some Dates/But Once I Arrived At The Edge Of Her Harbor/I Found I Preferred Me First Mate