Perched Among Blossoms



One for the girliess!


damn, i like this shirt but i draw the line at 6 shirts! well atleast until next pay day :smiley:


Pretty! However my hair is always down so it would cover about half the design, I’ll pass.


Nicely-done design, but not “edgy” enough for what I’d really like to see shirt.woot do.


Kinda pretty. I am tempted to get it for my wife. Almost became the first to woot, but changed my mind because I wanted to see what I was getting first.


meh, kinda girly. Not for me


Are there any guns in this one?


Wrong reason not to buy one. Your reason should be this is just a dumb, ugly shirt.


watis this van gough?


sweet shirt. my mother, who loves asian-inspired art, is going to truly dig it …

thanks for an early stocking-stuffer, woot!!


I did. I love it. But - I’m a girl so that helps.


Why did I buy yesterdays??
I want this one too now


hmmm different for sure…

i’m out!


It’s not a bad shirt by any means, just more on the girly side of things. I consider it to be an improvement after yesterday though =P


might be nice for the girlfriend…


No, this is actually the first good shirt in a long time. Will I finally decide to shell out for a woot!shirt? mmm, could be.


It’s pretty, I’m tempted to get it. I wish it wasn’t gray, though


Liar!!! You’re really buying it for yourself!!!


I could buy this shirt, or throw up on one I already have – same result.