Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

These went quick.

Booboo on our end. It’s available now.

Backlighting seems really nice, honestly.

But for 14.99 (cost of Large) you can get ones on Amazon with dimmers, remotes, the ability to selectively turn off the lights, different colors and much bigger sizes. I don’t know how well these compare to the Luminoodle, which the biggest complaint is that it would be better with a dimmer.

I guess my question is, does anyone have experience with this brand over others that would recommend this?

Edit: apparently they sell a special adapter you can buy for 12.99 to help you adjust your non adjustable lights to whatever you want (I imagine this just limits the power to the bulbs).

Got mine earlier today, installed it on my TV, looks much nicer. Picture very clear.

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