Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

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Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting
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If you already have a spectacular display in a dark room, would you even use something like this?

Congratulations Woot, you’ve created a whole new level of suckiness.

I do not get the need for this. The only time I experience “annoying headaches, eye strain and dryness” when watching shows in a dark room is when a totally white screen is displayed. Which never happens during most shows or movies… and many flat screens have settings(and light sensors) to avoid such problems anyway. Someone fool came up with this as a way to sell LED light strips, I bet.

I have had a small light mounted on the wall behind my flat screens for a good decade. It relieves the eye strain big time. I hate watching TV without one. It also adds some soft lighting to the room without having to catch the glare of the source, as it is hidden behind the TV. Everyone that has come over to my home comments on how much they prefer it. To each their own though…

Variations of these come up on sale almost weekly. I bought two sets to fully backlight a Vizio 65 inch set and the remnants were used on a 32 inch set. The sets I bought had a remote that can change the intensity and color and were about the same price but included shipping. This is not a good deal after woot shipping


Fool??? Really!

I like the idea of having light come from behind the TV and not causing the glare and reflections other room lighting does.

I have the one that can change colors according with the picture in the TV. This is a incredible upgrade for a TV.

Interesting, but how are you supposed to compare the “with” and “without” when they use two completely different screen shots?

We actually have the multi-colored version of this ( and it’s fantastic.

Used to have Ikea LEDs (more expensive:, but these are more versatile, plus the handheld remote is a plus over the Ikea’s dial.

Also being USB-powered is a huge plus with no power cord dangling from the TV. One caveat is that ours don’t turn on and off with the TV, so that functionality is dependent on your TV model and how it manages the USB port’s power in standby.

I actually took this picture to show off how I’d mounted my Guitar Hero Guitars up behind my TV center, but this gets the idea of the effect across pretty well, I think (and that’s a CAT5 going to the wall, not a cord from the Luminoodle).

You forgot to mention how at night it actually helps our eyes adjust to the TV screen. My eyes don’t feel as strained when watching in a dark room. I really love having the light behind the TV!

Who doesn’t have a few extra USB wall plug / charger adapters laying around? Now you have a cheap LED light string.

$14 is not cheap for a 250 lumen light strip, maybe 5 years ago. Here is a 16.4 foot long one out of the blue, 1200 lumens, $10.

They have others for 6-10 dollars usb

Here I am with two things to add.

First, I work as a TV Editor and stare at two computer screens and a 42" client monitor all day long. Backlighting absolutely, positively decreases eye strain.

Before adding bias lighting, I’d leave work with a headache 3-4 times a week. After bias lighting, I don’t usually get my headache until I get home.

Also, the people who do color correction/color finishing for Film and Television absolutely, positively use backlighting reduce eye strain as well as give a more accurate representation of the color and contrast in the product they’re finishing.

Second, I’ve got this exact Luminoodle product on my 52" in my living room. If THAT isn’t enough to tell you that it’s a quality product, then I don’t know what else to say.

Which product is that? I’d be in for one that automatically matches the general color of what’s on my screen, but these manual ones would be too annoying for me.