LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs

I am a little worried about overcharging the battery on these things. They don’t list overcharge protection, at all. Granted, I will admit that specs are nearly absent.

I can only assume that these batteries are Li-ion, which means overheat from overcharge is a real thing. I love the idea of these, just hate how little information is found outside of their website.

On the plus side, they are E26

My guess is they are a super capacitor, but who knows. My other concern (in addition to yours) is the heat generated by LED heat sinks could wreck havoc on a lithium cell encased inside this thing.

They likely have very little runtime, especially the 9W model. Even a 3.7v 350mah cell can’t run that more than 20 minutes, and that’s a generous size battery for such a small enclosure.

I wish there was more info :frowning:

For what it’s worth, they claim 6-8hrs. I’m seeing reviews that seem that it isn’t necessarily that far off the mark.

5w bulb over 8 hours would be about 320mah.

Good point, since I didn’t look at the pictures at first. It seems that that it’s completely sealed too. At the very least, for an indoor bulb, put some slots in the plastic to allow the heat to move out. I really think these things are a fire waiting to happen.

I saw that, and admit my math was wrong, it’s actually 10x what I calculated (OHMS law fail)

But, what’s the deal with these power cap hooks?

They are sealed, but run cooler than any incandescent, and feel no different than a comparable LED bulb so I don’t share the misgivings about heat/fire risk.

I bought 5W daylight bulbs a month ago, on this sale:

I received 2 boxes of 4, and each box had 2 switched cap hangers Each box prominently states 4-5 hour backup, not 6-8, and claims 10k hr life, not 20.

I haven’t yet tested them, as I don’t leave lights on frequently. They will only charge when the bulb is lit, ie, power on, switch closed. Takes 8 hours to fully charge, so these are useful outside your front door, perhaps, but the bedside lamp you use to read for 20 minutes? Don’t expect much.

EDIT: photos on this sale are identical to the sale that I bought a month ago. Expect 4 switched hangers you can use to move around with charged bulbs.

It looks like the lamps must be powered 24/7/365 to function as true emergency lighting. Locations where this would be desirable are limited to hallway and exterior luminaires, seems to me it’s not a bad idea.

I bought these a few weeks ago on the last sale.

Pros: They work. I charged them, cut off power, and they stayed lit.

Cons: They’re huge. A good 2 inches longer and half inch wider than your standard LED. That makes them stick out of fixtures and not properly lie in other ones.
They are also not bright. Even though the wattage says they are the same as other LEDs I use, my entire family has commented on the fact that they are clearly not as bright

The power cap hooks screw onto the bulb and allow them to work independently. They have a hook to allow them to be hung up anywhere and a button on the backside to let you turn them on or off.

My only con is the size of the bulb. They are pretty large and if you have smaller lamp shades, they will probably stick out. Otherwise, I’m happy with them. I’ve been able to put them in a few lamps. The others I will probably keep charged and in the event of an emergency I will pull them out and put them in lamps throughout the house.

I know I’m not tooo bright, but, how does it know when you just turn it off, vs a power-failure? If it stays on, what good is that? What is the switch for?

What was theorized was that it senses the other resistance on the circuit. In a power cut with the switch on, the other devices on the circuit offer some resistance; with the switch off, there’s infinite resistance.
At least in theory. None of mine worked (see post below)

Ordered a pack of 8 during the last sale.
Arrived quickly.
I love the idea but…
The ones I got were defective; when I turned the switch off, they stayed on (instead of turning off as they should).
Called Lyfelite and asked “am I doing it wrong?” and they said that no, the lights were defective. They said they weren’t sure what they were “doing with the woot orders”. They promised to look into it and call me back.
That was a month ago. I called yesterday and they promised to look into it again. Customer service was very nice but I’m pretty frustrated.

I bought these at the last sale a month ago. 2 sets of the 5w daylight bulbs, and 1 set of the 9w softwhite bulbs. 24 bulbs and I ended up with only 1 dud. It’s not a complete dud though. It just comes on when I turn the switch off in a fixture that no other bulb had a problem in. It also stayed on when I unscrewed it. Might be good for a hallway light or outdoor light you always want on.

All the other lights work flawlessly so far. I have several in my ceiling fans and light fixtures being used daily, and the rest charged in the box, waiting for an emergency. The plan is to swap them out once in awhile to maintain a full charge, but I’m currently running experiments to see how long I can keep them in the box and still have a charge.

The light fixtures in your house may vary. I noticed the very same bulbs that work in one fixture, won’t work in an identical fixture 20 ft over (the emergency light kicks on when I turn the switch off). This might indicate a wiring issue in my house.

Please go ahead and contact our customer service and explain how you’ve tried to work with LYfeLite.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

The temperature of the tungsten filament inside of a conventional incandescent bulb is thousands of degrees, far higher than an overheated battery. Why Worry?

According to the Amazon reviews, the light measures resistance on the input to determine if the switch is on or off, and reacts accordingly.

Done, thanks!

That is what I noticed too. I can’t use them in all the same places and they are most definitely dimmer. I don’t consider them a waste since some light is better than none but I wouldn’t buy these again.