M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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Have the Key Studio, Mixlab and Producer Mic- love em all.

Manufacturer’s site: www.m-audio.com

Does this keyboard have the red light up keys so kids can learn to play their favorite songs??

re-wootoff woot!

sept 25

those that got em before like em?

No, it does not.

Sorry no you cant have nice things.

For the TORQ Mixlab:

Man, I love this thing. Just got mine from the WootOff from UPS today and have already started playing around with it and making mixes. There is a GREAT review of the Mixlab on CNET


You want three!!!

Inflation… this was $10 cheaper a few months ago http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=3245195

If I get all 3 will you throw in a cowbell?

As I reacall those were refurbs, these ones are new

Those were refurbs…

Stuff like this wishes I was rich so I could afford playing around with this stuff. It also makes me wish I knew something about music and had an actual artistic talent. Guess it’s back to writing juvenile gross poems and stuff.

here’s CNet’s review of the music producer

and their review of the mixlab

and reviews of the keyboard on amazon

I got the mixlab and love it. The SW pulls songs directly from your iTunes library and the automatic beat matching is priceless. Definitely a great way to mix it up.

Would this work for a 9 y/o who is taking piano lessons?

How much would just one be? The keyboard that is.

I wouldn’t recommend this for learning. It can only be used with a computer, and will be frustrating. It’s more for pro recording.

Hello… Credit cards.