M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

Is this the Deluxe version of home karaoke?

$59.99 + $5 shipping.

I second that. It’s more useful as a controller rather than a full on keyboard since the keys are not weighted and do not provide the same feel as a real piano. Still, at the price, its great. I use one for recording little riffs and triggering things. The only difference was the $40 more I paid for mine;)

It references Garage Band, but that’s just for Macs, right? Does it work with Band in a Box for PCs?

While it may suffice for learning patterns and fingering, you really want a weighted keyboard, even if it’s not full size.

I have the Key Studio from the last round, and love using it with GarageBand (literally, just plug it in, launch GarageBand, and you’re off). The keys have a decent feel for such a light keyboard, but it’s not something you can use with tons of expression. However, it’s great for laying down basic tracks and just general noodling.

My 5-yr-old son loves to play it, too - I just grab random voices from the software and let him jam. It’s stood up to a few months of solid abuse from him, and still is 100%.

I bought the Music Producer when these were on sale in August for the same price.

The quality of the audio recorded by this is superb. I recorded myself in Audacity and when I played it back I was amazed by how great it made me sound.

I have also used this with Skype, which worked great.

FYI, you don’t have to install any of the software to get this running. With Windows XP, I just plugged it in, XP auto-detected it and installed the proper driver, and I was off and running.

Wow, I may have to buy all three, seeing as how the MSRP on these are $129, $299, $99, from left to right… All three for less than $200 is great…

I was looking for a keyboard for a teen for Christmas…

Word of warning: The keyboard does not like Windows XP MediaCenter edition. Learned this the hard way.

Does anybody know if the KeyStudio has a MIDI port in the back? The M-Audio site seems to only have the newer version of the KeyStudio, which does, but I don’t remember the original having one :-\

I recently bought the keyboard for both midi work and to actually learn how to play piano.

Never having played the piano before, I felt it was definitely decent enough to learn on. The only downside would be plugging it in to use it, but for your kid it could almost stand to signify the beginning of a lesson.

You know how they feel about windows 7 64 bit? I’d hate to have to run them off my laptop…

does these work on Windows 7?

In for the mixer. I think I could integrate this into FLStudio nicely.

ok, i’m just done from 8pm to 130am complying tracks and setting cues on the torq… then i jump here cuz my woot alert ,alerted me, i check… whoa… mixer ,board, mic… in for another mixer and keyboard… this stuff is a great deal and can’t be passed up…i’m doing a live show tomorrow with these units!

nope…suxks…i know. midi controller, but no midi out…

Nice kit, but I couldn’t stand to play on that keyboard, even for a few seconds. =x

The mix lab is for basically mixing existing songs together like a DJ would, it is NOT a low cost alternative of a mixing board used in a recording studio

I would be hesitant buying this if you are running Windows 7 64 bit.

I have been waiting for them to make drivers for an older keyboard (oxygen 8)for windows vista 64 bit… and I am still waiting. Doesn’t look like they will ever make them, so I am basically sitting on a keyboard that does not work since all my os’s are now 64bit. (great eh?)

I was thinking about picking this up, but I see that they have not developed win7 drivers for this, so that sort of sends up red flags for me… as they have drivers for the 49i but are lacking them for the 49.

I really want to purchase this, but I can’t bring myself to have another paperweight.

This already supports windows 7 64 bit, the vista 64 bit drivers work just as well…