M-Audio Torq Mixlab

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M-Audio Torq Mixlab
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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DJ Wooooooooootzzz!

$99 on amazon


has the bag of crap come up yet?

I wanted those aqua globes. they were up for a hot split second. Bummer.

FINALLY! Now I can lay down some phresh beats! Thanks woot! -DJ Ibuyeverything (hah)

lol 1 aqua globe. and now a eh dj mixer for a computer? the one i have for my turntables are 7 years old (stanton) and are better then this one. at least mine is metal not plastic

I have an M-Audio Pre-Amp and was surprised by the quality…and the quality of the software. Nice little gadget.

Will it work with a sansa?? btw, where are the sansas?

dj Fail Failed

I would like a reason to get this, just no idea what to do with it.

Is it just me or are the message boards really slow? Hey Woot! Tell the monkeys to run faster on the hamster wheel. We got things to say and we can’t be waiting all night!

From those that bought the iphone cases:

Your’re welcome.

get 3

I wanted the Aqua Globes too… that was FAST!

These help you find girls on the internet who are into Star Wars. The effect strengthens the more of them you have connected.

I have this “mixer” it’s a MIDI controller. The M-Audio X-Session Pro. You can assign it to do whatever. Works well w/ Traktor Pro.

If they made these one penny I would.

I have a dozen of those dam globes

Where it’s at.
I’ve got 2 Mixlabs and a Sansa Fuze…