Magic School

That episode with Ralphie was one of my favorites.

Sky High meets Hogwarts?!? Cute style.

It’s Harry Potter meets Magic School Bus for those of you wondering what the mash-up is.

Cue theme song for:Magic School Bus!

Who is the kid with black hair and no glasses?

Neville Longbottom

My guess would be Neville!

Just so long as Ron’s not driving.

Was that a serious question?

The wheels on the bus go EXPECTO PATRONUM!

Perfect shirt for Back to School week on Woot! What do you or your kids wear for the first day? First impressions count, right?

everytime i hit place order it gives me a yikes server error da f**uq


This is awesome. Ms. Frizzle would totally fit in as a Hogwarts teacher too. Science is definitely magic.

Despite how much I want this, I just can’t seem to will the money to appear in my bank account. >:[

It’s funny, because Professor Trelawney already sort of reminds me of Miss Frizzle…

…Maybe it’s the frizzy hair.

Is the bus going to go inside another student?
Or to Mars?..

They could fix the Voldy problem faster this way! (somehow)

I’d rather have this theme:

[url ] - YouTube

Witchcraft and wizardry plus the rigors of science? I’d almost say they’re on the bus to Brakebills Academy and not Hogwarts were it not for the castle in the distance.

C’mon…Hermione would never sit in the back of the bus!

Now if the Server Error Gremlins ever let me order…

For some reason I was immediately reminded of the Lord of the Flies episode of The Simpsons where Ralph ate the poison berries:
“They taste like…Burning…”