Marquee Innovations Wireless Earbuds

$12 on eBay

Likely without the charging case, which is what makes the deal for me.

I purchased these last time they were up for sale. When I pulled one of the ear pieces out of the charging case, it separated and half of the earpiece remained in the case. These are very cheaply made.

Egads! I hope you contacted Woot customer service.

Cheap is exactly what they are. Poorly made from crappy materials, don’t spend your money on these.

Yes. Customer service took care of the issue right away via email. Thanks.

Overly optimistic specs on play time. One of the pair mine lasts about an hour and the other about 1.5 hours, after a full charge. Don’t expect much for $20.

Don’t waste your money on these. I bought these & 1 of them doesn’t work at all & the other works for about 1 song then shuts off saying dead battery. This is after fully charging. Garbage!

They have been working fine for me. I had no problem yet.

The listening wasn’t at exact timing of the sound. I don’t recommend them.

I bought 2 sets. One didn’t work at all and the other one had a horrible clicking sound in 1 ear. But woot customer service was great. If you get a decent pair, then these are a good deal.

Pure garbage. Save your time and money.

When making phone calls I can not be heard. However, I am able to hear clearly.

You might see if there’s a way that you need to enable the MIC.

If that doesn’t work, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I purchased these direct from woot’s parent company during a daily deal and will add that mine were garbage. Charged them up (which I did like the idea of the charging case and it seemed to work fine) and used them once. About half way through my 30-min elliptical routine one of them bit the dust. That one would randomly go static-y and not get music. It would come back in after a minute or two, or sometimes turning them off and back on seemed to help.

Fortunately I was able to refund them without problem, but I wouldn’t bother with these cheap earbuds again.

Also getting in touch with WOOT. if you are using these for anything other than headphones stay away.

Total junk.
The bottom of the earpiece became separated from main part, when first trying to remove.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I couldn’t find any reviews so decided to try it as I can always return it if it doesn’t work.

I’ve been using mine for couple days and so far been pleasantly surprised given the price. They’re nowhere close to Apple Airpods but then again, I’m not paying $160.

I’d say they’re a good value at ~13% of the Airpod price.

Sound quality isn’t that great but it’s decent if your phone/player has an equalizer. Then again, Airpods fidelity isn’t that great either.

They’re fairly comfortable in my ears although they’re too large for my wife’s ear (she’s petite 5 foot person). I can wear them for about an hour before they start becoming uncomfortable.

Battery life is ~1.5 hours although it was over 2 X 45 minutes session.

Hopefully mine won’t die or break apart like some of the other folks’ experience but then again I can return them within 90 days and for $20, I can live with that.