Love the shirt!

Gracioso. Se está vendiendo el lunes.

It’s a taco celebrating “Taco Tuesday!”, ya’ll. Geesh. And, yeah, taco tuesday is apparently a thing.

Why is it so happy? Doesn’t know what will happen to it on Tuesday?

Shhhh don’t ruin the little taco’s day. He thinks it’s all about celebrating him. Let him enjoy his last few moments of happiness.

Is missing the upside down exclamation mark


I don’t think that’s meant as an exclamation point since there are two on either side. And the red dot looks to be coincidental.

And now I want tacos. Again.

There are no coincidences when it comes to tacos. Tuesday also starts with a “T”. Think about it.

Jaja… Actually Tuesday starts with an M. Think about it. :slight_smile: