Master Pan MasterWok Multi-Use Wok, 13"

Master Pan MasterWok Multi-Use Wok, 13"

What grade of stainless steel (304, 316, etc.) is this?

MasterPan doesn’t seem to provide that information.

Not sure I need it but it looks like it would be fun to use.

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How about where is it made? China?

Yep, China.

I own this wok and it is just great, it literally does it all plus Smokes. at this price its a no brainer. Cheers


As I had tabs open I am now going through - including the masterpan wok -
I see Davegos wonderful reviews on the Masterpan and the Masterlon knives both by the same company
A suspicious mind thinks of Shilling.
One would think that a Mfg Rep / someone involved with the Manufacturer / sales might need to identify themselves as such when chatting up how wonderful the ‘steal’ a knife they haven’t tried is or how spectacular a pan is.

I got this wok. I’m so disappointed with the quality of the surface inside. There are lots of corroded spots throughout the inside.

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I agree & will be reaching out to customer service. Here is the inside of my lid.

FYI, we checked with our vendor and it’s not him.

Wish I would have asked.