MasterPlug Extension Cord Reels

MasterPlug Extension Cord Reels

according to the specs and this chart, these cords appear woefully undersized/overrated.

The 50ft Metal Reel for $75 is 15A and has 12 gauge wire. Which is the last row of your little table. The 3rd column says that is the recommended gauge.

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Woot needs to try harder. The 80ft reel, $59.99 here, is $62.99 at the mothership - from a third-party (no sales tax, 5.3% in Bristol VA) and fulfilled by Amazon with one-day Prime shipping for me, even though I am not in a big city. 18 cents less and I get it sooner.


On the “lead only “ reels, How many feet of 12 gauge extension cord will it hold?

I have 75 feet of #12 on the metal one. It should hold a full 100’. The reel is ok overall. But don’t expect anything heavy duty.

  • AWG 14 Gauge Cable (12 Gauge Cable on both the USB and metal models)

So, is the 50’ w USB 12 Ga. cable? Amazon lists it as 14 Ga.

I got one on an open box deal before and it doesn’t hold all of mine. I don’t know how long it is exactly but I would estimate only about 30ft fit on the reel