Meadowcroft Mt Veeder Cab Sauvignon (2)

Meadowcroft Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$70.99 $165.00 57% off List Price
2010 Meadowcroft Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley
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Seems like an interesting offer, big modern napa cab for about $37 a bottle. I wish it was 2-3 years older but this still seems interesting. Any community notes other than the lone note in CT from last year?

Not to put a bee in anyone’s bonnet, but this doesn’t exactly seem like a screaming deal. The combination of the picture and the average community value of $29.99 on CellarTraker makes me think that this might have been on WTSO for $30 a pop.

$6 price increase from the “aborted” Plus deal last week. That’s some serious inflation! Or, perhaps the Plus deal pricing had been configured before “the change” and that’s why the deal was pulled. Congrats to the 3 wooters who grabbed it quickly at the lower price.

It was on Invino a few weeks ago.

Enough wine woot. When will there be beer woot??? I have been waiting years…

Doesn’t sound like my style. YMMV.

Still available on invino for $29.99 but shipping for 2 bottles is $10.00 so looks pretty much a wash.

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TN, GA, MN & WI are “go” states again… as long as the winery is licensed in that state.

This wine pulled a Bronze at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition. Not very impressive for an $80 (MSRP) Mt. Feeder bottle of juice.

They often have some sort of deal which includes free shipping. If there’s one of those that interests you, that’s the time to order other stuff, because the free shipping always winds up including everything on the order, at least in my experience.

I am guessing that shipping makes it uneconomic for Woot. Plus, most beer doesn’t keep as long as wine. Even wines meant to drink fresh are fine for a year or more. Beer meant to drink fresh can only be good for weeks.

I see that a wise person has said that this might need some time to age, and it will certainly do that. But…what I do is open a bottle in the morning and decant, or just pour half a glass out(save the wine in the glass!!), then you have something tasty to savor when you come home. Be careful, my cat knocked over the glass the first time I did this…

It is interesting for me to see the chatter going on about my wine. I produce about 220 cases of this wine and it come from a tiny vineyard I planted in 2001. In 2005 the 2nd harvest, the wine was given the accolade by WE as one of the top 100 wines in the world. Frankly I am not sure how they do all this tasting…
This wine is 100% Mountain Cab and the vineyard is surrounded by a forest. the wine definitely has lingering notes of this, along with great cassis and dark fruit notes

Looking at your website I noticed this is your only estate wine so I assume all the other wines are produced with contracted fruit. Do you produce any other varietals in your property? Also, can you explain the logo for the winery.

Hello and welcome. Thanks for joining in on the discussion!

Mt Veeder does sound weird. We hired an Italian guy to change the name and now we are calling it Monte Veedere : ) … come on its Napa! we can do what we want here!!

The bee is a symbol of sex, drugs and rock and roll!
Don’t tell anybody but I have 5 vines of Petite sirah and 15 of Zin…

I am somewhere over Wyoming and the first snows are on the mountains! So as I head to NY, I want to share just how valuable it is for us winemakers to have the opportunity to connect with the Woot community, because you are all very discerning and experienced shoppers. And you like good wines. The gives me the opportunity to hear back from you about what we love making and if we “done good”.
I look forward to hearing from you in future so check back here or email…thanks again for buying my wines through wine woot