But it’s mai pumpkin!

I like how the kitty glows.

Not only is the cat so adorable that I’m glad my reaction to seeing it wasn’t being mic’ed, the pumpkin’s face has a friendly inner glow ; )


Yeah, I did a double take.

Wooooo! Obligatory animated version of the kitty.

The true Halloween power of fluffy Persian black cats.

Also, obligatory


Love the orange eyes!

Okay, that’s adorable.

I promised myself I would not buy another Woot cat shirt. I’m sure I’ll start that real soon now.

This is faaaaaaaaaabulous.

Definitely falls into the “so cute you could cry” category.

Saw the artist is from Austin, so I definitely have to support her with a purchase! Sending much love!

^^^This, though not with cats exactly, but really cool designs lately. My bank account hates me right now, but I hardly need to do laundry…

sizes? twins are 7 …any idea what size to order? K12-K4 in the description… is confusing. Hey thanks.

Hey someone please let me know, I want to order two BUT need help with the SIZE…OK?

Cute and fun and oozing with wiggly!

Congrats on the first Ms. Sprinkle!

Was SO happy when I clicked my woot! email and saw which shirt won!

Congrats, Diana!!

WOOT! Help ???

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that. The shirt is cute, but… seriously, another black cat pumpkin shirt?

Diana, you’re talented, and you do cute well. But I can’t help but facepaw --er, facepalm at this one.