Men's 4PK L/S Thermal Shirts S-5XL

Men's 4PK L/S Thermal Shirts S-5XL

4 days ago you sold a similar offer that stated their content to be 60% cotton/40% polyester, however at some point during the day you changed the content to read 85% polyester/15% cotton. Of course I had bought those in larger sizes than what I wear expecting the 60% cotton to shrink before you made the change. CS was good about canceling my order and I even received an email from WOOT that, I assume, was sent to anyone who bought them stating the mistake with an offer to cancel for a full refund, which was also good. So … since these seem to be similar and have the same original listed content (60%/40%) as were mentioned above … can someone please verify the content is correct? Thx!

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For what it’s worth, I like these but makes sure you order AT LEAST a size UP. They are cut tight and then they shrink some when washed.

I bought mine a year ago and they were 60/40 blend. They do shrink some but not horrible. I normally wear L-XL depending on the brand. This L fis great as a mid layer after washing. Brand is Galaxy.

Hey buddy, the material listed has been confirmed as corrrect.

Hello, the sale that ran a few days back was for the 85/15, apologies for the fabrication modification, as soon as we realized the error, we updated the features.

Regarding this sale, these are truly 60/40 cotton poly waffle knit thermals.

Who confirmed before your snarky statement? Buyers can make an assumption but the only one who would surely know is the staff and that’s from whom I expected an answer.

Wasn’t being snarky. Sorry if you read it that way. The vendor confirmed and apologized again for the error last time. And he confirmed again right above your post.